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Aug 17, 2006 04:49 PM

Recommendation for Niagara-on-the-Lake?

Anyone have recommendations for Niagara-on-the-Lake? I'm familiar with the restaurants at Peller and Hillebrand.

Any other good restaurants at a winery?

I'm looking for dinner for 2 under $120, before booze, taxes or tip.

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  1. We almost always go to the Olde Angel Inn. It's a great old pub type place with traditional English flare.

    I took my cousin and his wife there in July and they just loved it. The deal sealer was the turtle cheese cake. Simply amazing.


    1. We were out there just this past weekend. We ate at Epicurian right in NOTL. Don't be fooled by the cafeteria feeling during the day. At night it becomes quite different. We were very pleased with our meals (I had the salmon and it was wonderful with the homemade tartar sauce....wish I had gotten the recipe). Be sure to make reservations for dinner. Here is the website:

      We went to Strewn Winery and they have restaurant right beside the tasting room. We didn't eat there but I did read the menu....I was drooling. I will definately be eating there next time around.

      Here is the website for the winery. On the top menu bar you will see "restaurant". If you go and you order the veal tenderloin, could you come back here and define "Niagara Comfort Creme"? Sounds wonderful whatever it is.

      Enjoy your trip....we had a blast!!

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        a couple weekends ago i was at strewn or la cachette (as the dining room is called) really lovely meal. i think the best app was the duck proscuitto and i enjoyed the smoked trout (a good 6oz fillet) as an interesting app. it has melon with roasted walnuts and i found these two elements worked well together to blance savoury with sweet but the trout was minorly complementary.

        mains, the pork loin chop was massive and wonderful. the crust on it provided some nice moistness while being an interesting and very tasty match with the meat. the lamb was a bit of a disappointment in size of serving, although very tender and a great sauce. the sauces were a very good match the entire night period.

        my carmelized pear tart wasn't as good as i was hoping, tasty in general and clear carmelized flavours, but there was more pastry than i enjoy and so it masked the pear.

        wine choices are pretty good too. apres a bottle split three ways and tip it cost me $82 for a full meal so it should fall well within your limits.

        Loved Hillebrand didn't think Inn on the Twenty was worth the priase it gets... but maybe I need to test them out again.

        A really nice surprise for lunch was Dell Estates... but I personally find their wine to be terrible....

      2. While not a winery, I had a great meal last weekend at Stone Road Grille. Fantastic food and service. Check out the website at:

        There is also a good review of this place and other restaurants in NOTL in this month's Toronto Life.

        1. I was recently at Restaurant Tony deLuca. I posted a review earlier this week. Though I don't think you can do dinner for two for $120.

          1. Thanks for your help everybody!