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Aug 17, 2006 04:28 PM

Lupa Last Night

Scored a walk in for three at Lupa last night right at 6PM. They were fully booked, but so long as we were gone by 8 PM no problem. Started with the a plate of house cured salumi, some buffala mozzarella with three types of heirloom tomatos and a bowl of olives. All were delicious, though the mozzarella was a bit skimpy. Ricotta Gnocchi with sausage and pomodoro sauce and the daily special of Pork Arista -- tenderloin grilled with herb crust and fennel -- were excellent. Buttermilk Panna Cotta was fabulous. Great wine by the glass choices -- an excellent dry Lambrusco and a very full red from the Piedmonte. Homemade lemonade was good too -- not too sweet, not too sour. Service was timely, but not hurried. A very solid dinner at a very reasonable price -- Dinner for three with three starters, three main courses and three desserts, plus three glasses of wine (generous pours too) and three lemonades -- $138, not including tip.

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  1. After hearing many good things about Lupa recently, maybe we will give it a try again. Used to go all the time, and then we felt like they got "too big for themselves". Sounds like I remember it, classic good food and solid service.

    1. I went once with two friends and we were all really dissapointed. The place was packed, the service was really spotty, the wine was at almost boiling temperature and the food was not very good. We all had veal and it was not very good. 1 of the 3 appetizers was not good at all. I never recommand this place because the service was the worst. You give another place a chance when they are nice and seem sorry when it is not good, but that was not the case here.

      1. Next time, (especially in summer) try the bellini before proceeding to wine, and try the ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage ragu or the absurdly tender pork shoulder (but not in a sauce, as an entree). I can't be confident about the service (who can be?) but I am confident that the food will blow you away.

        1. interesting - had a great meal as always last night at Lupa as well. Ate later in the evening than the OP and by the time we sat down, the bufalo mozzarella was not part of the special heirloom tomato salad...

          delicious nonetheless...