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Aug 17, 2006 04:22 PM

Rye NH with kids- good, cheap eats for the family

We will be staying in Rye NH next week. Any favorite fish shacks, pizza or the likes in the area- Hampton, Seabrook, Slaisbury and Portsmouth included.


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  1. For pizza, hit the Flatbread Company on 138 Congress St in Portsmouth. Fantastic pizza and very kid friendly. Huge wood fired oven which the kids can sit in front of.... great, healthy food.

    Here is their related website:

    1. Molly Malones in Portsmouth on Pennahallow Street has a great and reasonable selection of sandwiches and burgers, and I have found it a great place to take the kids.

      The Rusty Hammer on Market Street also has a good inexpensive menu.

      I don't eat pizza, so I don't have any recommendations, except to say that Sal's Just Pizza is always pretty popular (I think there's one Ocean Avenue at Hampton Beach).

      1. Petey's on Rt. 1A in Rye had a great scallop roll and other fried seafood. Good shrimp cocktail too.

        1. Petey's on Rt1A Rye for seafood, the best thing on the menu is the seafood chowder (not the clam).

          On Rt1 in Hampton, Ron Jillians for pizza and Italian food.

          Best pizza in the area is downstairs at the Portsmouth Gas Light - located downtown in Portsmouth. Flatbread is good, but it's "healthy" pizza, not your typical kid pizza.

          Lago's Lone Oak Ice Cream on Rt1 for da-best damn ice cream in the area. Lago's makes their own ice cream, many of the other stands in the area sell Richardsons ice cream, not that it's bad it just isn't Lago's.