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Aug 17, 2006 04:20 PM

Any good Filipino food on the Westside?

So I found a little "turo-turo" place on Venice near Natlee Thai called Kabahayan. It's a limited selection. The rice was mushy and not well cooked, the chicken adobo was totally overcooked, the pork rib soup was so fatty, and the Siopao (the filipino version of the char siu bau)was pasty with shreds of uninspired, definitely leftover meat.

Please Chowhounds, tell me there is better Filipino food than this on the Westside? And if I have to travel more than 10 miles, where should I go? I heard Goldilocks on Vermont is NOT worth the trip....

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  1. Sad to say, Lynndsey, the Westside proper has been pretty much devoid of good Filipino cuisine since TITO REY OF THE ISLANDS left Westwood. And although there are a number of Filipino American-owned board favorites such as BOULE and LA MAISON du PAIN, interestingly enough, there are scant few Filipino restaurants.

    If you don't mind making the trek to the far, southern reaches of the Westside, specifically to El Segundo, a pleasant, if not, unexpected, dining experience awaits @ a tiny downtown storefront called PAPILLON, a get this: vegetarian Filipino restaurant. Heretofore, I thought the two to be mutually exclusive but, the chef and staff manage to successfully mix the complex gravies and saucing of Filipino cuisine utilizing all vegetarian and vegan ingredients! The result is meatless, region-wide Filipino tastes. Admittedly, PAPILLON (where their slogan is "We serve more than just tofu.") was initially a pure novelty but, that has rapidly given way to becoming an underrated gem of a find.

    408 Main St.
    El Segundo, CA

    PS. I understand as well that Rod Aglibot (ex KOI and YI Cuisine) is set to open his newest this fall @ the newly remodeled Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. I'm almost positive that the new place won't be classically Filipino but, with him at the helm, there will certainly be touches.

    1. If you're willing to drive, be sure to check out Magic Wok in Artesia. In fact, I just posted a review about it and a link to pictures. See link below:

      I also like Asian Noodles, which is on Spring Street in Chinatown. You can see pics at the link below: