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Kansas/ Kansas City food souvenirs

Okay, wake up Kansas City-ians!! We are headed to Canada (British Columbia, to be exact) here in a little bit, and I'm hoping to take some special gifts to people there that represent Kansas/ Kansas City well. I had originally wanted to take barbequed meat and such, but I just don't think the logistics of that will work well. These are the things that I've thought of or bought so far:

- Gates and Jack Stack sauces
- Christopher Elbow Chocolates
- Boulevard Beer
- Z's or PT's coffee
- honey + homemade soaps from my mom's friend who is a beekeeper
- I thought about apple cider too, but I know they have a lot of orchards in the area we're going to, so I don't know if that would be somewhat offensive or not? (Reese's Fruit Farm (Topeka) has the best, in my opinion!)

This might be a good resource for visitors as well, so I'm hoping that you all come up with some wonderful ideas!!

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  1. Valomilk.
    Cherry Mash.
    I'd hit a variety of Sauces, since you can get em cheap.
    Out here, a Rosedale or Quicks, a Zarda, Etc. would be priceless.
    A loaf of Povitca.
    Dorothy Lynch French Dressing.
    Otts Dressing.
    I'll think of some more.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Excellent bbqboy! Keep 'em coming! (I forgot about Dorothy Lynch!)

    2. I moved away from KC and whenever I am able to get back I have to pick up some Scimeca's Marinara sauce and Hereford House dressing, I love them both, and miss them so much!

      1. An assortment of Roasterie coffees
        Velvet Creme or Topsy's popcorn
        Something sweet from Andre's
        Chocolates from Annedore's (truffles are terrific)
        Laura Little's fudge
        Russell Stover's Pecan Roll
        Panache chocolate popcorn
        Bogdon's Reception Sticks
        Olde Westport Spice Co. spices and herb blends
        Williams Seasonings
        The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook
        Lost Trails Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Cream Soda
        Three Dog Bakery treats for the dogs
        Fritz's salami
        Stephenson's Apple Butter and assorted relishes
        Silva's salsa and chips
        Pasta LaBella pasta
        Louisburg Apple Cider Jelly and assorted snacks, jellies, cider, etc. (Fun place to visit!)
        Wolferman's English Muffins
        Cherry Mash (the bags of mini-Mashes will go a long way)

        I'm not fond of Strawberry Hill povitica. It's quite dry and tasteless to me, not at all like the real povitica I used to get up on KCK's real Strawberry Hill. I much prefer povitica from Kobe House Bakery in Sugar Creek. Really nice people and a fun place to visit.

        When is your trip?

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          I'd agree with your assessment and memory of the povitica, but compared to zero, it's good.
          Williams chili seasoning is true. That's another one we get sent.

          1. re: bbqboy

            You can order the Kobe House povitica on the website given above. Have it delivered right to your door when you need a fix. :)

          2. re: KCJ

            Williams Country Gravy mix is without question the best there is. I didn't know it was a KC thing. I can find it here, although not everywhere.
            While I'm a huge LC's fan, I'm not a fan of the sauce. I brought home a bottle anyway, and my brother swears it was made by God for his personal use. I think he'd move to KC just have it readily available.

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              I can find some Williams things at Winco out here in Oregon, and the Western Family Mixes available here as house brand are made by Williams, EXCEPT for the Chili. That's what my sister sends me.

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              Wow, Jane! Thanks for all the great ideas! We leave Aug. 30th!

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                Katie - Seems to me that McGonigle's Market on Ward Parkway used to have a nice section of "made in KC" food items right across from the meat counter. Haven't been there in a while so not sure if they still have it.

                Since I don't have a big Hen House near me, I don't get in them often but seems they also had a lot of KC products, but scattered all over the store in their appropriate food category aisles.

                Oh, forgot Bilardo Bros. sauces and mixes, too.

                Which route you taking? I often head west in late August/early September and always found I-80 (from Lincoln, not Omaha) across Nebraska to be an easier and cooler summer drive for me than I-70 across Kansas. Anyhow, whichever route you take, I bet folks here can help you find stops in the Midwest for meals and other Chowhound boards can help you in the west and Pacific northwest.

                Have a great trip!

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                  We're actually flying up to the Okanagan Valley and shhh, don't tell, but we're eloping the next day! I'm wanting to take some thank you gifts to our "wedding planner" and the owner of the orchard we're getting married at (the food editor of Vancouver Magazine, so there is a little bit of pressure there!) All of your suggestions are really helpful, and many that I had not heard of! I'm sure it will be a fantastic trip and you can read all about it on the Western Canada board when we get back! Thanks for all your help!

                  1. re: Katie Nell

                    Okay, Katie, I'll keep the secret! I won't tell a soul! Will keep it just between you and me! :)

                    And congratulations! What a great reason for a trip.

                    Oh, so you're flying, huh? Hmmmmm....that might well rule out a lot of the bottled products with the luggage weight restrictions and such. And the cargo hold will probably get seriously warm so chocolate and other items susceptible to the heat might not be a good idea.

                    If it wasn't off-season (due to heat) for shipping chocolate, I'd suggest you order goodies shipped directly from some of those fine candy makers to yourself at a safe destination in Vancouver. You could certainly have the povitica from Kobe House shipped there.

              2. re: KCJ

                Nice list! I've heard of everything on it except for Fritz's salami. Could you fill me in on what it is, I love salami, especially volpi salami from the other side of the state in STL. Thanks in advance.

                1. re: KCJ

                  I agree velvet creme popcorn. Orange. Delicious.

                2. Katie - You might want to check to make sure any food product you take into Canada will make it through customs. I know when I mail food to Canada, there are some restrictions on meat. I also can't send alcoholic beverages. Don't know how that applies to crossing the border with these items in your vehicle.

                  It would be rough to pack up all these goodies and then find out you can't take them into Canada. The restrictions and prohibited items lists changes from time to time but I'd think you could find information online so you don't waste your money.

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                  1. re: KCJ

                    Yes, I've definitely been reading up on that, especially with all the new concerns!

                  2. Katie,
                    Allow me to wish you the best on your wonderful journey.
                    And with all due respect to other posters, if you take coffee, choose Broadway Cafe. Their coffees are easily the best in the area. Go to the roastery location a block east of Broadway on Westport Rd., and ask the talented and friendly young roaster, Brian, to recommend some freshly roasted beans. BTW, Broadway Cafe is featured in the upcoming issue of "Roast" magazine.

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                    1. re: ms8zz

                      Thank you! I don't drink coffee at all, so I appreciate the insight!

                    2. Sorry for the derailment here, but if you're going to the Vancouver-Victoria area please check out Murchie's Teas for items to bring BACK to KC for gifts. A seriously complex assortment of teas, coffees and the like. It's a wonderful local BC establishment. As far as taking items to BC, I second the motion for Broadway Roasters. We don't buy coffee anywhere else.
                      Congratulations! Have a great trip and elopement. :-)

                      1. There's LOTS of Coffee in the PNW.
                        It weighs a lot for the punch. I say nix the coffee.
                        That way you could bring another bottle of Sauce. or Rub.

                        1. If you would read my post there bbqboy, you would have noticed that I said to bring BACK tea and maybe coffee from Vancouver TO KC. There isn't anything that compares to Murchie's in this neck of the woods. Although Tea Drops in Westport is approaching that. They have wonderful tea and accessories.

                          1. OK, bbqboy, I did say to bring Broadway Roasters coffee to BC. It compares to the best in the PNW. I still hope Katie Nell brings some things back from Murchie's. How does one edit a post here? I tried, for clarity, and it didn't work.

                            1. How about Alton Featuring a Cherry Mash and the recipes last Night?
                              Looks like they decided to eat it several days and 1500 miles west tho.
                              Pretty cool.
                              That's OK Z, I'm not saying the coffee isn't good, only that as a
                              KC'er in the outback, BBQ Sauce is what is craved and celebrated. Sauce. It's what's for dinner. Along with the Chili Seasonings. Hot.
                              It's always a sad day when we run through even the backup stuff and we have to call my sister
                              for a shipment.

                              1. I guess I'm going to have to enter the 21st century and get cable tv so I can see this Alton Brown person. Anyone who features Cherry Mash is all right by me.
                                bbqboy, I know what you mean about missing all the KC food products. My daughter stocks up on Williams Chili Seasoning and Spanish Gardens Taco Seasoning, in addition to BBQ sauces when she comes home and we send her KC care packages from time to time.

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                                1. re: zataar

                                  My husband loves Spanish Gardens. According to him, if we have nothing else in the fridge we had better have that! His favorite snack (and one that I have adopted) is tortilla chips with SG sauce and shredded cheddar. Pop it in the micro for 45 seconds. Yum!

                                2. If I were traveling to the PNW I'd bring Gates Hot, Bryants, Zarda's and Smokehouse.

                                  1. Did I miss a mention of Andre's cookies? The pastries won't travel, but the tea cookies pack. If I think about how much I miss the pretzel-shaped ones, I'll start to cry.

                                    1. I ended up calling Christopher Elbow and he was extremely helpful in packing the chocolates so they would fly with us safely... they arrived beautifully and were definitely well received! My mom's friend (the beekeeper) gave us such an enormous basket of honeys, creamy honeys, soaps, chapsticks, etc. that we felt it would be overkill to give much else! We got a few bbq sauces, one of which didn't survive the trip in one piece, and that was about it... it ended up being a pretty impressive gift, I think! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I know I will use this post as reference again, as I'm sure other people will get a lot of good use, as well as memories, from it! Thanks again!

                                      Christopher Elbow's info:
                                      118 Southwest Blvd.
                                      Kansas City, MO 64108
                                      Phone: (816) 842-1300
                                      Fax: (816) 842-1301
                                      E-mail: info@elbowchocolates.com

                                      Here's the contact info. for the honey:
                                      They are at the Topeka Farmer's Market every Saturday, which is a pretty good market even compared to KC, in my opinion!
                                      Country Creek Honey
                                      Steve and Becky Tipton
                                      Meriden, KS
                                      (785) 484-3710
                                      Here's a short little article on them: http://www.49abcnews.com/news/2006/se...

                                      1. I can no longer find Spanish Gardens Taco Seasoning, and they no longer answer their phone when I call their business number in Kansas City, KS. Does anyone know if they've gone out of business? That would be awful. Thank you for any info you have.

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                                        1. re: MargaretR

                                          Oh holy cow, do you see my above post??? I will definitely have to follow up on this, we could be in serious trouble in this house w/o Spanish Gardens. I guess you'll see me at Hy-Vee tomorrow buying out the stock!

                                          1. re: amy_rc

                                            I just saw a jar of Spanish Garden taco seasoning at the Hen House in Merriam.

                                            1. re: heatherkay

                                              Indigo Wild soaps. They'll smell up your room or car though. Great local company and product.