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Aug 17, 2006 03:51 PM

Chipotle on west 42 St.

Someone in an older post mentioned Chipotle, a Mexican chain. Obviously not an elegant choice for dinner, but it would be cheap. How is the food there?


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  1. for mexican fast food it's fine. however, the seating there is limited. might not be an issue dinner time, but it's nuts at lunch.

    it's so nice out - why not just have a picnic in the park?

    1. The food, sadly, is really, really, really good. Addictively so. It's 7.32 for a burrito without guac and 9.21 for one with. Get it with guac. You make all the decisions for what you want so it might be better to follow the crowd as to what they're ordering. Two good combinations (you might want to write this down) would be:

      Chicken Burrito, Black Beans, Green Salsa, Fresh Tomato and Onion, Chile-Corn, Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce.

      Total $7.32 (ask for a cup for water)

      Barbacoa Fajita Burrito, Pinto Beans, Red Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese, Guacamole.

      Total $9.21 (though you might want to get a Corona with this one.)

      It is really good and addictive. Totally evil too. They were once owned by McDonalds. Still, they give you free burritos on Halloween if you put tin foil on your head and say you're a barbacoa with guac (not lying).

      As a side note, among college students now, the vogue is to determine the quantity of Chipotle burritos necessary to survive a year on a desert island. As of right now, among colleagues, the number is in around the mid-early hundreds.

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      1. re: Nick F.

        I agree, one of the few chains where the food does really taste great but of course like all, is not good for you unless you manage to chose wisely.

        The line is frequently out the door. Seating is a problem but this time of year, with the park across the street not such a big deal.

        I try not to go there to frequently, which is easy since I have no reason to be at 42nd to much but any time I am, I can't seem to pass it up.

      2. Chipotle burritos have as many calories as two big macs, somewhere in the 1,000 range.

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        1. re: eafofny

          Yeah, but when was the last time you just had the Big Mac? Add a large order of fries and the two are almost neck and neck.

        2. I love them - in DC, they usually have a line out the door at lunchtime for the ones in the business district.

          My personal order is always a Burrito Barbacoa, no beans. Sour Cream, pico style salsa, and extra cheese. Add a side of their guac and chips (the chips are tossed in lime juice and sea salt). The guac is home made on site. The burritos include a wonderful cilantro and lime rice.

          I also always get water with a slice of lemon - the meat has quite a kick, so you'll need the water to cool you down.

          Total for the burrito, guac & chips and water is around $9.00. It's a heck of a deal - I can rarely eat the whole burrito.

          1. I was in a hurry and needed something quick so I went there--I just wanted a snack but they force you to order so much food or they'll charge you up the ass. How perfectly American is that?

            One taco! And they wouldn't give it to me! JUST ONE TACO! Maybe two. But I don't need four.

            It wasn't cheap, either, and I had the same gutrot I get after Mickey D's. Bad food, I don't get the hype.