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Aug 17, 2006 03:35 PM

Conti's Italian market Raleigh nc

anybody familiar with this place???

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  1. Is it near the Krispy Kreme - Peace Street?

    If so, very nice, helpful people running the joint on my one pass through. Based on service I would do my best to patronize them if I lived in the area, but I really can't comment on prices/value/selection having only been the one time.

    1. I'm with Chapel Will. I've only been there one time, but I do remember walking in, and having the amazing aroma cause me to stop dead in my tracks just to inhale. A combination of garlic, olive oil, rosemary; it made me long for my Italian grannie's kitchen. I really need to go back there soon and buy one of everything!

      1. Nice try, but we still don't have anything resembling an Italian deli in Raleigh. My SO stopped in two days ago for lunch fixin's. The ciabatta looked lovely on the outside and tasted like plain old white bread. Good white bread, but still nothing in taste or texture like real ciabatta. They seemed to think there was a difference between hot and sweet capicolla (sp?) and hot and sweet "cappy." Four difference varieties of something. We're guessing that the "cappy" was domestic and the capicolla was imported.
        In my experience, Conti's is not worth going out of your way for.

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          I'm surprised to hear you say that, and could not disagree more. Being a transplant from the Northeast, it's the only real Italian market we've come across. Great cheeses, Cento tomatoes, De Cecco pasta (including gnocchi), terrific sausage, etc. The only thing missing is sawdust on the floor!

          Oh yes, and that smell... Brings me back to the mom and pop Italian market my mom would send me to as a boy, where they had their own smokehouse in back...

          1. re: chimchim

            I never saw an Italian deli in Brooklyn (where I grew up) that carried Thurman's meat, let alone tried to call them gourmet. Also, Cento and De Cecco are available in Harris Teeter. Most of Conti's brands are standard supermarket brands in NYC. I might be more favorably disposed, however, if Conti's would be willing to make sandwiches like most delis do.

            1. re: rockycat

              Conti's isn't an Italian deli, but it's a place to get some Italian-imported goods that can't be had at your regular grocery store down here (mostly). Same goes for Capri Flavour. You can find some very good meats on occasion (eg. had a nice bresaola from Capri once), but for the most part I'm shopping canned goods and the like. IIRC, Capri had my Carmelina brand of San Marzanos, but Conti's didn't.

              No good delis unfortunately. I wish the Boar's Head monopoly to be broken.

              1. re: Nab

                I've never seen De Cecco gnocchi at Harris Teeter. And I haven't seen Thuman's lunch meat at Conti's. But that's not why I go there. If I want that, I go to Lowe's for Boar's Head.

              2. re: rockycat

                For all those missing a real italian deli I would encourage you to drive to Greensboro and visit Giacomo's. Definitely the real thing. They make their own salami, breads, pastries, sausages, pasta and sauces. They even do a pizza rustica @ easter. Check their site out salamisbymail.com. They even do a killer house made pastrami and their bologna will make you forget tht oscar guy forever.

                1. re: quazi

                  Giacomo's sounds like what I am use to from The Bronx...Can you tell me how far that would be from Raleigh? I haven't really tried any of the above mentioned deli's. I did try DaVinci's in Wake Forest, it was almost like an old fashion Butcher shop with good meat & some Italian products that I have seen in grocery stores.

                  1. re: Rosemarie

                    gso is 1.5 hrs from Raleigh take 40W and get off on Higih Point Road. It is on the left after you cross Groometown Road. You may want to call ahead and see if they have any special items for Christmas

          2. Best Italian Sausage in the Triangle.

            1. Went yesterday
              It may not be up to some peoples standards but coming from a little town in eastern nc it was very good...got some of the meats, proscuitto etc and some olives some dry riccotto. got some things cant get in my town.. liked the atmosphere etc the only di ssapointment was they were out of canollis...(sp)