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Aug 17, 2006 03:34 PM

Cape Ann must-eats?

We'll be in Cape Ann/Gloucester area for Labor Day, where are the lunch/dinner must eats? Seafood, regional, any ethnic is fine by us. Casual. No fine dining, no tourist traps. Thanks.

Rachel Gee

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  1. The Lobster Pool on the Gloucester/Rockport line (near Halibut Point) is an excellent seafood shack with a variety of dishes. You can sit at the picnic tables outside and look out at Ipswich Bay from there.

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      I second the Lobster Pool. Top Dog in Rockport is also great for fried clams & hot dogs (stay away from the cheese fries though, a mistake I will never make again).

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        Ate at Top Dog, yesterday. Not so good. We got plain hot dogs and added onion, relish, ketchup. The dogs were wicked salty, just not that good of quaility.

        Plain fries were good. Overall, not worth a stop. Head over to Roy Moore's Lobster Co. and order a lobster or whatever else they're selling that day. Take it out back and relax. Saw a couple bring some wine and they were given an old bucket and some ice to chill it in. Very informal and relaxing.

    2. I went to the lobster Pool last year for my birthday and it was just OK. Nice view, OK lobster. The best thing i've had in a while on cape Ann are the fired clams at the Agawam Diner in Rowley. Same room for the cream pies.

      1. Captain Dusty's ice cream in Manchester is cute and they make tons of flavors and I had a super thick frappe there. Plus, a nice park across the street looks out on to the bay. Not to take over this thread, but are there any Cape Ann restaurants that give the authentic seafood experience and also offer at least one option for vegetarians? We have a mixed group of out of town hounds for labor day.

        1. Has anyone heard if the Annisquam Market is still open? I'm dying to get there.

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            I went there a couple of weeks ago. While the view was great, the food was not. It wasn't "bad", but not a Cape Ann "must-eat."

          2. Ithaki in Ipswich - OK not Cape Ann but close enough
            The Causeway in Gloucester
            Calas in Manchester
            Periwinkles in Essex