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Aug 17, 2006 03:13 PM

almond croissants?

it's been over a year since i've been searching for a really good one in nyc and still haven't found one as good as the ones i've had upstate - in saratoga springs of all places - at mrs. london's. the closest i've found is tartine but it's still not reaching perfection. any suggestions? i'm willing to travel to obsucre locations, of course. and it wouldn't hurt if they had a great espresso too!

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  1. La Bergamote in Chelsea. Patisserie Claude also has great croissants, but I haven't tried the almond ones.

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    1. re: Lucia

      i just went to patisserie claude today and had one. the croissant part of it was wonderful but i have to say that the almond filling part was mediocre compared to what i've had - and there were no almond slivers on top - so i'd stick to plain croissants there - though I haven't had the pain au chocolat...

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        At Via Quadronno, the almond croissant has a surprise chocolate element ... a hint of a reference to a pain au chocolat ... wonderful.

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          I've tried the pain au chocolat at PC and really loved it--nice, rich chocolate filling.

      2. i really like the almond ones at the adore on 13th btwn university and 5th. tisserie on broadway at 17th also has as an interesting and delicious one!

        1. The french patisserie in the Chelsea market has almond croissants. The have kind of a marzipan filling and almond slices on the top and are dusted with powdered sugar. They're very candy-ish but delicious. Also, the Italian place has good espresso, right across from the patisserie.

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            thanks for all the suggestions! i've been meaning to try patisserie claude forever - and now it's on my list. and the chelsea market croissant sounds like the one i'm talking about/searching for - split in the middle with marzipan etc. i'm very excited to check it out!

          2. Balthzar Bakery. The Chocolate-Almond ones at Ceci-Cela are insane also.

            1. I recently had an airy, flaky almond and chocolate croissant showered in roasted slivers of nuts and white sugar with two deep rich veins of chocolate running through its center. It was had at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Bldg at Columbus Circle. With a cool iced coffee it made a most wonderful late morning snack.