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Aug 17, 2006 03:05 PM

Top South Beach Restaurants

I'm getting a little bored with what I'm seeing here since the big allow me to stir it up some!

Here's my brief list: (I will only put places I've been to, so feel free to fill us in on yours)

Expensive: >$20/entree

Osteria del Teatro
Joe's Stone Crabs
Smith and Wollensky
Pacific Time

Moderate: <$20/entree

Taverna OPA
Toni's Tokyo
Sushi Siam
Joe Allen

Budget: <$15/entree

News Cafe
Nikki's Beach Club
Le Sandwicherie
Loco Taqueria aka San Loco
Big Pink
Finnegan's on Ocean Drive (not Lincoln!)

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  1. I agree. The participation on this board has taken a nosedive since the upgrade. The posting with the largest participation is one for Mexican food with a California twist (which being from California, I can understand the dilemma)? Give me a break! I'll chime and and agree with most of your posts except with Nikki Beach. Is it really a budget place? I havent' been for a while. Also, have you tried the Finnegan's on the River? I drove by it a few months ago but apparently it's now open. Another reason to cross the bridge.

    1. I moved to Miami a year ago from Los Angeles and was just going to ask if the board traffic was affected by the fact that it is off season. I like a lot of those on your list and will have to try a few others. I would add Prime 112 and River Oyster Bar to the list of over $20 and add Tamarind Thai to the under $20 list.

      1. For the budget section, I'd add Puerta Sagua, Dave's Cafe and Chalan on the Beach.

        1. How about Wish in the >$20 category? I've always loved that place.

          And as far as less participation, I would attribute it to the "off-season" reason. The California board is quite busy lately.

          1. Forgot about Wish. I went for Miami Spice and it was pretty good.

            scscr - is it "sc" as in USC? And I agree with your suggestions. Also, for dives (less than $10), El Rey del Chivito on Collins near 71st.

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            1. re: lax2mia

              Yes...It's for USC, but also combined with the initials of my company.