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Aug 17, 2006 02:46 PM

Rickshaw Dumplings

In the past, it seems that there were some mixed reviews about this place. I went last night for a quick bite for the first time, mostly interested in sampling the chocolate soup dumplings. I orderd the chicken dumplings with salad, a thai iced coffee and naturally the chocolates. I went around 9 p.m. and there was no wait. The thai iced coffee was pretty standard, though a bit darker than I usually would take it. The dumplings were absolutly delicious (I ordered them pan fried). The dumplings were great on their own but the peanut dipping sauce a fantastic addition. I'm not usually a salad person, but also wasn't in the mood for soup. The salad was fresh, contained some sort of sauteed onion and with the thai peanut dressing, it really was on the whole a very satisfying meal. I only wished they would let you mix the types of dumplings.

After the dumplings, I was a bit full but had to at least try a chocolate dumpling. At first, I thought the texture a bit odd but once I bit in, that sweet, rich perfect chocolate oozed out and it all came together. What a fantastic treat...sinful but if you're a chocolate lover you must try. Does anyone know what type/brand of chocolate they use for the dumpling filling?
My meal totaled $15. Not the cheapest cheap eats but for a full meal, drink and dessert it is for sure cheap in NYC. I can't wait to go back and try the duck dumplings...

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  1. I've only been to Rickshaw once, about a year ago. I think I had pork dumplings and duck dumplings. I thought it was fine, although nothing really special. And even though it's just a block away from my apartment, compared to a subway ride to Chinatown, I have a hard time paying Rickshaw's prices when I know I can hop on the subway and get dumplings that I like better at Dumpling House for a fraction of the price (ignoring, of course, the $4 that I have to pay for the subway, since I don't use an unlimited ride metrocard!).

    1. thai chicken dumplings are good there. However, I can't gedt any of my college buddies to go there because its proximity to Chipotle. For them the comparative price/value ratio is too skewed. Evil, evil Chipotle. Maybe Rickshaw will get more attention now that Shake Shack is a reputed rathole.

      1. I'm with Blumie. I can't bring myself to go there when Chinatown is a quick subway ride away.

        Rickshaw isn'b bad, but a $9 lunch and I leave hungry.

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        1. re: Scott V

          I got to agree. With just a few additional stops, *poof* your in Chinatown. Cheaper and more authentic to boot!

        2. Dumpling Man on St. Marks is excellent and affordable. Shhhh...don't tell too many people. Plus, the owner, Lucas Lim, it such a great guy!

          1. I like Rickshaw, the best thing is their Veggie dumblings in soup. yum.
            Chinatown of course has the real deal, but if you don't eat pork (like me)
            it's really limiting. In most Chinatown spots, the Chicken dumplings are
            still served in a pork broth! Also, Chinatown kitchens don't emphasize
            a separation in preparation, so Rickshaw is a welcome alternative.

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            1. re: kvn

              Agree with you on this one since I'm on a low cholesterol diet and can't eat at someplace like Fried Dumpling that has only pork or shrimp dumplings. This is probably the only context in which something inauthentic and more expensive compared to Chinatown might be excusable.