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Aug 17, 2006 02:39 PM

Hate to Even Ask - Tracks in Penn Station?

Not my choice - meeting a friend after work for a quick after-work dinner and she insisted it be AT Penn Station.

Can't figure out why since she lives in the City - pretty much mid-town at that which makes it even more confounding to me. But I'm in no mood to argue - seeing her and catching up is more important than the food in this instance I guess.

So, in light of this, has anyone ever been here? Or heard anything about the quality of food? Alas, there is no hope of me convincing her otherwise, I've tried already so please don't even bother suggesting anyplace else. I just have to suck this one up.


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  1. Hey, Laurie, Have you seen the comments on menupages? I haven't been to Tracks but I was curious, so I wanted to have a look at the menu and found the restaurant has its own website: Not that I trust people who post there more than Hounds, but have a look....

    1. Hi RGR, I totally forgot about looking there, thanks for the reminder!

      Surprised to see that it seems to be getting decent reviews - makes me feel a lot better LOL. Who knew? Seafood underground in Penn? I guess I might have to give it a review tomorrow!


      1. So, I went last night. Don't know if it warrants an actual review but it wasn't terrible.

        Had a decent ceasar salad and lobster ravioli in tarragon cream sauce. Sauce was a bit insipid in texture, but tasty in spite of it's wateryness. My meal came out to about $22 total. Can't complain.

        My friend had a boiled lobster dinner. She was hesitant about ordering this in such a place but I said how could they ruin a boiled lobster? And they didn't. It was only 1-1/4 pounds, but for $21 with salad (fresh and tasty dressing) a huge amount of mashed potatoes and side veggie (broccoli) it wasn't a bad choice.

        Only problem was service isn't the best. Very confused to say the least. Her salad came out while I waited for mine. I had to prompt them to bring mine.

        Her entree came out. Waitress comes over to see if "everything is ok?". I said it would be if my entree was there with hers. She says "but your salad came already, right?". Well, apparently she messed up and didn't hear me order the ravioli somehow. Duh.

        No matter, it came out relatively fast, which of course makes me wonder how long they have these prepped in advance but this isn't haute cuisine we're talking about anyway. So, I just chalked it up to being a chain restaurant mentality.

        Usual beers on tap, average wines by the glass. I didn't have anything, she had 2 glasses of mediocre white but was happy enough with that.

        The bar area is buzzing but the dining area was nice and calm.

        Anyway, again, it was decent and I actually would come back here again if need be and would not be annoyed about having to do so. Who knew?

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          1. I had lunch at Tracks earlier today. I had 10 excellent St. Simon oysters on the half which were ice cold, briny and a tad sweet, and a sea scallop spinach salad. The scallops were moist and had flavor, the spinach was fresh and crispy and the balsamic dressing was naturally sweet and made with olive oil that actually tasted like olive oil. My only complaints are the other diners who seems fit to leave their ipod on loud, even when they take their ear pieces out, and the ingrates who are constatly talking and/or receiving calls on their cell. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

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              I was wondering about the oyster quality - glad to hear they are worth getting. Not surprised about the cell phone use - it is kind of a "stop over" place to eat, and commuters in general I've found to be rather obnoxious with their use of electronics in general - but that's a complaint for another forum.

              I agree it was pretty good tho and I wouldn't mind going back and will try the oysters next time.