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Aug 17, 2006 02:28 PM

North End's Fisherman's Feast

Just wondering if this a feast that would be considered a chowish event. I heard Pat Whitley over the weekend speak about a food section that was sponsored by his show. Just looking for some input from some who may have attended in the past.



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  1. I find most of the food at the NE feasts to be fairly poor..exception being the old guy who serves clams on the half shell.

    1. There used to be a guy w/a giant 3-ft. across pan doing scampi w/big juicy shrimp & tons of garlic who I always searched out, but am off to sample Pearl Oyster in NYC this weekend.

      1. Let me start by disclosing that this feast takes place on streets in the North End that include my own which makes it terribly inconvenient and unpleaseant all weekend, but I will try to remain objective.

        My observation is that unfortunately, for virtually all of the vendors, the Feast is "all about the Benjamins". Prices are ridiculous and the quality of the food is marginal to bad. It is still fun to walk around and smell the sausage and peppers cooking but buyer beware. I have seen small plates of greasy fried calamari for as much as 7 - 8 dollars.

        Interestingly enough, every year the vendors complain to city officials that they "lose" money yet somehow the same ones keep comong back.

        End of rant - hope somebody reports back and I would be happy to be proven wrong.

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          I went last year - I think most people's comments are pretty on - there is a clam or oyster shucker there though that was pretty great. And Sargento is always giving away free salad with cheese on them - that are just average. It's fun to walk around, but I would go somewhere else for a real meal.

        2. Went to the Fisherman's Feast on Friday night - not terribly packed -

          Had the best half dozen clams on the half shell in my life - big, beautiful, sweet, briny, not at all chewy for %5!!! I was in heaven.

          Another place had three large shrimp for $5 and a calamari salad for $5 that was pretty decent - even had chopped fennel in it. I quipped that the folks inside Prezza had just paid $15 for what I was eating. ;)

          Beautiful warm night - It was a really good time.