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Aug 17, 2006 02:21 PM

Anyone Been to Cheesesteak Factory on Houston?

Hi hounds,

The other day I walked by a relatively new place on Houston Street between Ludlow and Orchard (or, in houndspeak, between Katz's and Bereket) called Cheesesteak Factory. Has anyone gone yet? How does it stack up to Carl's Steaks (my favorite) and 99 Miles to Philly (barely adequate, IMO)?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but if it's good, a "Houston between Ludlow and Orchard sandwich-crawl" might be in order for the Herculean of appetite, or on a dare. Katz's Pastrami-Cheesesteak Factory Cheesesteak-Bereket Shwarma, anyone?


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  1. I've been to the one on 6th near 14th and thought it was horrible.

    1. i walk by it quite often, and it looks disgusting.

      1. It looks vile. The kind thing you'd find in the lamest of neighborhoods.

        1. On a whim I ordered it the other night for delivery; not very good at all. If you're in the neighborhood much better off getting a cheese steak from A1 sandwich shop on Rivington and Suffolk or one of the versions Tinys has. The fries were also pretty awful.

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            Me and my fiance moved to NY two years ago from Philadelphia. I have been to all the cheesesteak places in NYC - 99 miles to Philly; Philly Slims; and Carl's. These places mentioned are not "REAL" cheesesteaks simply because they are using New York bread. We went to the Cheesesteak Factory on Houston Street and to my expertise of cheesesteaks from being in Philadelphia, the Cheesesteak Factory is the only place in NYC which uses the bread from Philadelphia. This is what makes a world of difference for those who want a real cheesesteak!!!!!!!!

            1. re: BOSSVALENTINO

              Haven't tried this place, or even heard much about it recently, but Fetch on the UES says it gets its rolls from Amoroso's in Philadelphia:

              1. re: squid kun

                Wasn't Tony Luke's shipping in ingredients, including rolls, from Philly?

              2. re: BOSSVALENTINO

                What are the differences between Philadelphia bread and New York bread?

                Is the Philly bread necessarily better, or just "more authentic?"

            2. The original comment has been removed