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Aug 17, 2006 02:12 PM

good mezcals?

I just tried my first Mezcal, "El Senorio" and loved it, but apparently it's not available in the U.S.
Anybody have recs for similar tasty Mezcals. The only one I've found for sale so far is Don Amado, but I wasn't sure if that was any good.


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  1. I haven't tried the two you mentioned, but I have had quite a few mezcals available here on the East Coast. The mezcals from Del Maguey and Los Amantes are by far the best I've tried. Scorpion was also good, but too expensive for the quality in my opinion.

    The difference between these artisan brand mezcals and the industrial stuff (Monte Alban, Gusano Rojo, Dos Gusanos) is vast.

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      Agreed -- the difference IS like night and day! Del Maguey single-village mezcals are the best I've had; haven't tried Los Amantes.

    2. Mezcal alert!

      Agave del Sur which is one of the premier Mezcal producers (their star product is the 8 year old Huatulco) have formed a partnership of 180 craft distillers in Oaxaca's most isolated & poor southern region & Mexican pioneer Blues & Rock band El Tri to market two Mezcals under the "El Tri: 38 Anos" brand.

      The goal is to use El Tri's 38th anniversary as Latin America's pioneer rock band to bring some marketing clout to the product... which is being distributed by a Non Profit (the stated aim is to pay the Agave farmers & micro distillers a fair price & generate money for local construction projects).

      The two mezacals which my cousin in D.F. says are pretty good, come in a Young with Worm, & Reposado without Warm versions. The aim will be to reissue an updated label with each Triverssary as long as the band keeps going.

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      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        Do they have El Tri 38 anos here in the US. I know this is a fairly new project so I would like to try it out.

      2. The Los Amantes Joven is probably the best mescal I have tasted.

        1. Best Mezcal I have tasted is Del Maguey and their Pechuga is my favorite!

          1. Years ago a street hustler in Cuernavaca offered me a bottle of Mezcal for 20 or 25 $usd and I was struck by the well made wooden presentation box, large wooden cap, and pretty, square bottle, so I took a chance. It was incredible; I didn't know that Mezcal can taste so good. Any hound know what it might have been?