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Aug 17, 2006 02:08 PM

Yellow Plums - What Can I Make?

I have about 3-4 lbs of local ripe yellow plums.
My question is: aside from eating them just like that, I need ideas on what I can make with them. Any suggestions?

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  1. a plum tart (I just made a delicious blueberry one this morning, works well with plums too)

    1. I made plum cake based on this recipe:

      Note that the recipe uses Italian prune plums, not the Japanese plums which are much bigger. In my cake I used about 6-8. I also changed the flavoring from cinnamon to almond (about 1 tsp almond extract) because I love the combination of plums and almond.

      I also made plum sorbet based on Chez Panisse Desserts recipe. It was intensely fruity.

      There are also plum upside town cakes, tarts and galettes. If you google plum+frangipane you'll find a slew of recipes for for fruited frangipane desserts which are fabulous.

      1. Here's a link to a recent discussion of green gage plums

        I second cheryl h's suggestion about sorbet. I made sorbet with those green gages and have been serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Like a sophisticated creamsicle.

        1. thanks everyone. I had no idea they were called green gage plums. OK, so I need to get the Chez Panisse Desserts book for the sorbet recipe, I guess.

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            Yours may not be green gage. Sorry I wasn't clear - I simply meant to suggest that the ideas in that thread could apply your plums.

            For sorbet, I'd just cut them up, say 2 pounds, cook until soft, put through the food mill to remove skins (and seeds if you haven't removed already). Put back in the saucepan and add enough sugar to make them sweeter than you think the sorbet should be (it will taste less sweet when frozen), heat to disolve sugar. Stir in a tablespoon or two of vodka, Grand Marnier, limoncello or other alcohol, refrigerate several hours, then freeze in ice cream maker.

          2. Those might be mirabelle plums, which are hard to find in the US (though mirabelle tart is a standard dessert menu item in France.) They might work OK in the plum torte recipe (a longtime favorite of mine) but they might be too soft--Italian prune plums are pretty firm. Are they more green or more yellow? About how big are they? Mirabelles are fairly small and the skin is yellow when ripe.