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Aug 17, 2006 02:05 PM

Best of Georgian or Central Asian in Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Area

Sadly, the outstanding Georgian deli Cafe Mimino has just closed. Tblisi on Kings Highway is still solid, but a little pricier and out of the way. I'm pretty confident in my Central Asian choices in Rego, but not in Brighton. What's there and great?

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    Cafe Kashkar, Uigur.
    Was just there a couple weeks ago, my report at the end of the post. Some of the best food I have had in a long time, incredibly cheap. The best lamb and lamb rib kebabs ever! BYOB.

    1. Georgian bread has been recommended on this board:

      Have not been to Cafe Kashkar so cannot compare, but Eastern Feast (Vostochny Pir)'s lamb kebabs were the best than anywhere else I've tried in NYC - thick and juicy. The only drawback is service is slow and it gets pretty smoky in the dining room. The best way is to order your kebabs to go, go hang out on the beach or around the stores and come back 20 min later to get your kebabs.

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        where in Brighton Beach is Eastern Feast - it sounds great.

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          1003 Brighton Beach Ave, corner of Brighton and Coney Island Ave.

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            Is this the place with a separate bar area next door? It's not under the subway, directly across from the Washington Mutual Bank on the NE corner of BBAve and CIAve. The food looked good there. We sat in the bar, very casual with an open front, drinking nice big mugs of icy Baltika 7 from the tap. They had bar snacks like sliced dry sausages and pickled fish.

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              I didn't notice the separate bar area, but it is on the intersection that you describe. the meats and meat grilling area is setup by the window, so you can see it from the street.

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                Wow, this sounds fun. Food chasers.

        2. This Georgian bread place that serves Khachapuri and salads: any soups there? Kharcho? Georgian Solyanka? Do tell!

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            I think their stock varies - in the post linked above, I mentioned lobio. You should go and ask. Another alternative in BB is primorski, which does have soups (good).