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Aug 17, 2006 01:51 PM

Dinner in Raleigh w/ college kids and teens

Need some recommendations for moderately priced spots not too far from NC State but not too close for dinner Sat nite. No Chinese, no buffets, no BBQ...Italian, Thai or just nicer American would work.

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  1. Thai Villa in Cary. Or closer (but not too close), 518, EVOO, or Riviera may work for you.

    1. Humble Pie on Harrington Street or the Underground (tapas) place on Morgan Street (under Charlie Goodnight's Comedy Club). Another choice would be the Rockford on Glenwood Ave.

      1. I suggest you head for the Glenwood South area. Just take Hillsborough St. and head toward downtown. Turn left onto St.Mary's St. Turn right on Peace Street, and you'll see Mellow Mushroom on your right. That's one suggestion. You can turn right onto Glenwood Avenue and there are several good places to eat on Glenwood. This area is known as Glenwood South. Everything from Moe's which is a casual burger place, to Armadillo Grill which is a very casual Mexican place, to 518 West which has salads, and homemade pastas and pizzas. There is High-5, Bogart's and Red Room which are all owned by the same company but are completely different-type restaurants. I believe all three have menus posted you can check out.

        1. Porter's City Tavern on Hillsborough is right across the street from State. Bella Monica in Edwards Mill Village (intersection of Duraleigh and Edwards Mill) is pretty good. Shaba Shabu on Wake Forest Road.

          1. I would try either 518 (Italian - or Hayes Barton Cafe and Dessertery (nicer American - 1940s style). I would describe both places as moderately priced with decent food. Hayes Barton is on the small side, so I would make reserverations-- but it does have the distinct advantage of having huge desserts in quite a variety to top off the meal.