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Aug 17, 2006 01:42 PM

Heading to Avalon - Ever hear of these places?

My husband, 3 yr old daughter, my parents and myself are heading to the shore on Saturday (Avalon and then OC). My family and my parents have different food requirements - we are into healthy/chowhound-y type places and they are into chains. Anyone know of a happy medium we could all agree on?

My mom suggested either of these two:
Peaches at Sunset in W. Cape May
Island Grill in OC

Anyone ever been to either??


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  1. Island Grill is the best place to eat something approaching real food on the boardwalk in OC. It'll fit your healthy/chowhound-y needs, with it's emphasis on grilled seafood and salads. (There's always Primo Pizza, Johnson's Popcorn, Rita's Water Ice, Kohr's custard, and the french fry place near Wonderland for more traditional not-quite-healthy boardwalk fare.)

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      Whoops - I was thinking Hula Grill on the boardwalk, not Island Grill down by 1st street. Been too long since I've been to Island to comment.

    2. Peaches was quite good. Unfortunately it closed a couple years ago and was replaced by the Black Duck. I've not been to the Black Duck but it gets generally good reviews.

      1. The black duck has excellent food. There is an early bird (may appeal to the parents--and if the weather is bad why not eat early) of 3 courses for $19.95. Selection is limited to choioce of 3 firsts, 3 entres, and 2 or 3 desserts--but all are frequently off the regular menu. It is Byob, too. I had the crab cakes and a friend had the salmon and both were excellent.