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Aug 17, 2006 01:41 PM

Fuji Cinnaminson Closing Next Week

Hi. We had our final meal at Fuji in Cinnaminson, which is closing after Sunday night - I think due to the expansion of Route 130. They told us they were looking for new digs and we gave them our phone numbers and email addresses so they could contact us. Hopefully, they'll resurface elsewhere - the sushi rocks.

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  1. I think Craig Laban or Michael Klein of the Inquirer mentioned that Fuji would resurface in Philly around Rittenhouse Square. I know that's a little different than Rt. 130, but that's what they said!

    1. According to Fuji's website, they'll be resurfacing in Haddonfield, NJ, which makes me very happy because I live there.

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        good news about fuji - went into the building where they'll be housed (the "mini mall' at 116 kings highway east in haddonfield) and there's a sign that they "anticipate" reopening next tuesday, april 24th. yippee - here goes our budget living within walking distance of this place....

        1. re: potterstreet

          They are now open.

          the destination for sushi in SJ.

          1. re: rockhopper

            We went there last night. The room is nice, the service perfect, but the food was neither. I was hoping for the Tempura they used to serve (the absolute best around), but instead got the greasy stuff you get in many other places. The rice that came with it had sat around and was dried out about halfway down the bowl. The sushi had great,fresh fish, but the rice was so crumbly you couldn't pick it up. I'll wait a couple of months for them to get it together before I go back.