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Aug 17, 2006 01:31 PM

Anyone Make Blueberry Clafoutis ?

I recently made cherry clafoutis, and it turned out great. However, I don't like using cherries unpitted, and the pitting process leaves them ragged. So, instead of cutting them and getting rid of the seed, I was thinking of using blueberries. Has anyone tried this? Would the blueberries take the heat okay and retain their shape, or would I end up with mush ?

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  1. i agree that cherries are a huge pain, but they taste and look so good it's almost worth it.

    blueberries are really good in a clafouti. i have used apricots, peaches and figs as well to good effect.

    1. Try Patricia Wells' tomato clafoutis. Leave out the sugar and add fresh thyme, roma tomatoes and parmesan along with S&P. Of course this is a side not dessert

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      1. re: Candy

        I used to have a cherry pitter but got rid of it. It was a pain. The real traditional classic cherry clafoutis is made with unpitted cherries. If you make it that way be sure to warn whomever you are feding it to.

        I'm glad you jogged my memory about the tomato clafoutis. It is high tomato season and that is such a great side.

      2. Wow! The tomato clafoutis sounds interesting.

        I find cherries not too bad. I use a cherry pipper though. DO you have one of those?


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        1. re: j2brady

          I do have a cherry pitter, but I find that it tears the cherries. BTW the blueberry clafoutis turned out just fine.

        2. Souschef,

          Would you mind posting your recipe?


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          1. re: LAWoman

            CLAFOUTIS LIMOUSIN (serves 4-6):
            Spread 1 lb tart cherries in a buttered baking dish (traditionally, the pits are left in). Mix a batter with 1/4 cup flour, 1/3 cup sugar, a pinch of salt, 4 eggs, 2 egg yolks, and 2-1/2 cups milk. Strain the batter over the cherries and leave to stand 30 minutes. Bake at 375 F, 40 -45 minutes, or until the pudding is puffed and brown. Let it cool until just warm; it will sink slightly. Spoon over 2-3 tbsp brandy and sprinkle with confectioner's sugar.

            1. re: souschef

              souschef, this clafoutis has no tart shell? Is that traditional? The one's I have had (and made) were all in tart shells (all in the USA).

              1. re: Non Cognomina

                Apparently the term clafoutis is used for both non-crust and crust versions... in one volume of Julia Child is a recipe for clafoutis (apple I think) in a crust, in the other volume for cherry clafoutis without a crust.

                1. re: Non Cognomina

                  No, it does not. It's from the book "La Varenne Pratique". I have a recipe for one with a crust (also with cherries) from the Roux brothers.

            2. I use a paper clip to pit my cherries and they look fine. I straighten out one side of the paper clip, insert the bent end into the cherry on the stem side, give a little tug-done!