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Aug 17, 2006 07:29 AM

Are Matsutake Mushrooms Worth The Price? [moved from LA]

Ive never had them but just saw some for sale at a japanese market...300grams (4-6 pieces) - $79. Has anyone tried them?

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  1. They are very tasty when prepared well bu I've also noticed that they seem to very in quality a lot. I've had robustly flavored and/or bland mushrooms.

    1. ive actually seen them as a neta for nigiri sushi. I've been wondering the same question actually for both matsutake and true wasabi. Can I ask where you found them for this price and the quality?

      Supposedly they are the forest's equivalent to the ocean's uni, in that they are the 'essence' of the forest.

      1. They do have a flavour that I really like and are an exotic treat, so that is nice and fun to do. I think you can get a better price than what you saw in the Japanese market however. It might be that these were from Japan, the prices in these markets also tend to be high, but the US NW is also a big source for matsutake mushrooms. I remember getting some online for maybe $30/lb at a place called Fresh and Wild, I think.

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          The place I've gotten matsutakes is Aux Delice de Bois, I have no complaints with them:

          It seems they don't have any now, I think the season is just beginning, you'll get a price between $20 and $30/lb depending on the quality. Simple things like miso soup and rice are good ways to bring out the flavour, I've also seen them grilled/broiled.

        2. Not at that price, $126/lb.

          I can get fresh (wild) Oregon Matsutake mushrooms for ~$15-20/lb in season.

          Season starts in mid September and runs for 60 days. Prices paid to the harvestors runs from $5/lb to $20, but occasionally will reach $30 if the supply is good quality/low quantity.

          Many (most ?) of the imported Matsutake mushrooms come from China.

          1. They are insanely (!!) good sauteed with butter and fresh herbs, but I agree that you can certainly find them cheaper.