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Aug 17, 2006 06:19 AM

Caribbean Tree Restaurant?

Has anyone ever been to the Caribbean Tree Restaurant in Inglewood and if so, what did you think about the food?


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  1. i went there about a month ago for lunch.
    it was almost empty. its a very casual hole in the wall. the menu is very limited. i have never had caribbean roti before but i've had roti all over asia.

    the rotis at this place are more like flour tortillas than indian/singaporean/malay roti. i had a goat roti. the flavor was good. there were small pieces of bone in the curry, which is kind of scary when youre biting into a burrito so you cant really see what youre biting into. you might get stabbed with a sharp goat bone, which kinda happened once, although, not that badly.

    i think they have some type of sunday brunch but not much else.
    worth a trip to try out, but the food didnt really impress me. but then again, neither did the food in belize when i was there.

    1. Hi, Abby. I've been there a couple of times for their Thursday lunch special, bus' up shot. Actually, I don't remember the spelling but it's basically patois for "bust up shirt." It's chicken curry stew with shredded roti on the side. You sop up the stew with the roti. The first time I went, with a Trinidadian coworker, it was so amazing (incredibly tender roti), I couldn't stop thinking about it afterward. The last time I went (a few months ago, and I'm not longer able to get over there on Thursdays for lunch), the roti was tough. The Trini guy we'd seen before wasn't there, and I believe the lady who took my order was Latina and that she also was cooking that day. Not that it's impossible for a non-Trinidadian to learn to make good roti, but... she hadn't. However, maybe the usual cook was out sick or something.

      My coworker says another great place for bus up shot is Caricom, just down the street (he wasn't very specific).