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Aug 17, 2006 05:02 AM

Breakfast, Near LAX, Kids present

Catching up with girlfriends I haven't seen in years before going to LAX. Here are the particulars:

- 3 women, 2 toddlers, 1 boy
- Monday, 10:15 - 11:45 am
- near LAX

I can think of the following. Favorites/any other suggestions? Lots of girl talk expected, so comfortable place is a must..

Panera Bread (Sepulveda)
KC's Crepe (Lincoln near 83rd)
The Coffee Shop (Sepulveda Way)
Bristol Farms Cafe

thank you!

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      1. re: BabyLitigator

        don't bother with the pann's waffle unless you like waffles that most resemble those that are found in the freezer compartment in you local discount grocery.

    1. There are a few places in Culver City that come to mind...Cafe Dijonaise at the Helm's Bakery (for an omlette and pain du chocolate ) or Roll n Rye Deli on Sepulveda for deli breakfast.

      1. You could try The Bluebird Bakery:

        Bluebird Bakery

        8572 National Blvd
        Culver City, CA 90232
        (310) 841-0939

        Its on National, just a bit off of La Cienega, which would give you a straight shot to the airport afterwards, and the traffic wouldn't be bad at that hour.

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        1. re: Capybara

          How about Dinah's?
          Dinah's Family Restaurant
          6521 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles 90045
          At W Centinela Ave

          1. re: Bria Silbert

            i second dinah's
            i stick to the following dishes:
            baked german pancake
            baked apple pancake
            swedish pancakes
            chile relleno omlette

        2. The Beach Hut in Manhattan Beach for Hawaiian breakfast. It's on Rosecrans and Highland. It's a local's fav. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes from the airport.. a block or two from the beach too!