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Aug 17, 2006 04:43 AM

how is toast on queen ( hello toast ) ?


has anybody been to the "toast on queen" ( think used to be Hello Toast), I saw a picture of this restaurnt and it looks very nice. I am thinking of taking my gf there if the food is good too. but googled and couldn't find much info on it.

i guess it is a brunch (only) type of restaurant ??

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  1. I've never had ruder, more dismissive service than at Hello Toast. The food was good, but when servers would complain loudly to each other—yelling it across the room with no attempt at tact—that your table was being difficult (ten minutes after sitting and still no coffee . . . and asking quite nicely when it might arrive) you didn't care so much how the bennies tasted. We actually were given a $100 gift certificate to the place and didn't go back a second time to use the remaining $50. So I'm hoping that this new incarnation has jettisoned the old owners/staff. Over a lagoon of sharks, perhaps.

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    1. re: pimentdespelette

      I have also found the owner to be quite moody and rude.

      If you decide not to use the rest of your certificate, you will have allowed the restaurant to make an extra $50...perhaps you could give the certificate to someone standing in line there or to a charity to use.

    2. The Leslieville area now has a number of good restaurants. Check out Verveine's Bistro menue. It has a great patio as well.

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        Verveine is terrific. The basket of fresh bread is superb with brunch.

      2. Husband saw a review on the web - I'm trying to think where it was - maybe or one of those sites, but it was really positive.

        1. Just to add my 2¢.

          I went when they were still known as Hello Toast, and I found the service so slow, it was absolutely glacial. From the sounds of things, it looks as though it hasn't changed one iota (in fact maybe it has gotten worse), which is the reason that I have not been back.

          And to agree with the majority here, when I ordered breakfast/brunch I didn't expect it to come with a side order of attitude. This happened we I had to ask (also politely) if they remembered the coffee refill I ordered.

          I still remember after I had asked for the refill, when my plate (finally) came, the server actually kind of tossed it onto the table in front of me. For a second there, I thought it was going to spill all over.

          As for the food, I remember it being good, but nothing spectacular.

          1. Have to echo the statement above, I found the food to be ok (in the Hello Toast era) but the service was so ridiculously slow I refuse to return. Too many other good brunch options in the hood (Barrio, Kubo, Bonjour Brioche, Verveine, Edward Levesque, etc) so haven't bothered going back.