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Aug 17, 2006 03:47 AM

Tha Siam in Larkspur Landing (Marin) - very good lunch

I went to Tha Siam in Larkspur Landing for lunch on Sunday. It's a quite small corner space with good light and a serene atmosphere. They've done very well with that space. I'll "except" the Singha beer ad place mats, but they aren't actually too bad. I had a lunch-menu item of sautéed chicken with fresh basil, string beans, and chile sauce. It was very good. The waiter asked if I wanted it "spicy" to which I answered "yes", and it was really medium at most for a Thai restaurant. A very nice Thai version of hot-and-sour soup came first. I had never been there in it's 1 1/2 years of operation, but I'll be sure to go back. Between this place and Virapan's Tiburon Thai on Ark Row in downtown Tiburon, Marin has some really good Thai food.

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  1. Their Kao Na Ped (duck breast) is pretty good. I like their brown rice too.

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      Thanks, you reminded me that I forgot to mention that I also liked their brown rice (.50 or $1 extra, can't remember which).