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Aug 17, 2006 03:36 AM


My daughter is talking wedding plans down the road, and I realize you have to reserve space up to two years ahead for the Admiral Kidd, not sure on the club at North Island. The church is in Coronado, but several people have told me the food at the club at North island was not very good. Has anybody had, or been to a party, or reception at either of these military clubs?? Just curious about what the food is like, and how the setup looks???? Any info will help us decide what we want to do.

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  1. Over the years, I've been to lots of weddings and receptions, and have been to the O club at NORIS and the Adm. Kidd. The North Island venue, as I recall was bright and pleasant. The Adm. Kidd was fancier, but I thought the North Island venue was nicer (YMMV).

    As for the food, I don't remember either place as being bad, but looking back at all the weddings I've ever attended, I can't think of even one that stands out in my memory because the FOOD was so great, even though I know that some of those folks must've paid a fortune for it. A wedding is a celebration. A glass of decent champagne, a kiss from the bride, a small piece of cake can make up for a ton of rubber chicken. Best wishes, and best of luck.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

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    1. I attended a wedding at the Admiral Kidd Club a couple of weeks ago. I have lived in San Diego for 30 years and had never been there. It is a nice venue. The wedding was fairly upscale. The apps were run of the mill, and were right out of the Cisco truck. The entree was chicken, and it was memorable: a mystery sauce and an incredible amount of salt. One of the worst things I have eaten in the past decade. Really awful!

      That said, you could probably make it work if you had something like prime rib.

      Hope this helps.

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        Good info, I will ask for a taste test at both!

      2. I attended a wedding a few years ago at the Submarine Base at the end of Rosecrans St. in Point Loma. The reception was held in the facility on Ballast Point within the base. It's an indoor/outdoor venue with large deck area right on the bay and a nice seating area inside. It is beautiful and worth checking out if you are still looking around. Dinner was served buffet style and it was very good. I dont recall if an outside vendor provided the food.

        Good luck!

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          I will go take a look at the facility! Thanks for the info.

        2. We are attending a wedding at the Adm. Kidd in mid-October, so I can let you know then then how it is! (There is a choice of beef or chicken on the invitation - I am wondering which one to pick??) :-)

          I grew up eating at the Admiral Kidd and North Island Officers Club regularly as a kid, but I haven't been to either in a while. These locations are not places you go for the food - more for the setting and the value (if you are military).

          The set up at the Adm. Kidd is a two story building with a patio right on SD Bay on the lower level. They used to have a restaurant upstairs and the party room below, but I think it is all a banquet facility now. It is a nice looking building and used to be decorated with a nautical theme - nets, and shells, etc. but hopefully they have updated it since then. It has a spectacular view of downtown and the bay.

          The North Island Officers Club is right on the beach on the West side of the Island, and there is a patio almost right on the sand just outside the dining area with large windows facing onto the beach. It is a bit more remote and has no city lights view at night. It was also a bit more "spare" in decor than the Adm. Kidd as I recall.

          You should go look at both of them before deciding. My understanding is the cost savings makes it worthwhile to consider using these facilities if you have access - even if the food isn't that great.

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            You are so right about the savings!!! We have the time to wait for the Saturday night as bridegroom has two more years of internship!

          2. All of the military bases in SD have essentially the same food, so that really isn't the deciding factor for most people choosing between sites. That being said, I attended a wedding @ AKC and the prime rib was pretty decent (for wedding food). AKC definitely books up quickly if you're thinking about a Saturday night wedding- this venue actually will do 2 weddings @ a time (one upstairs, one downstairs), so that might not be the ideal setup for those who are seeking a more private spot.

            If your daughter (or you!) is interested in doing a little research, there's a fabulous website for brides planning weddings in San Diego, and both the AKC and North Island are discussed in detail on their discussion board. I'm sure she'll get lots of valuable information:

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              Thank you for the website!! Putting a wedding together is a HUGH job!