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First Post: Best Chile Con Queso in Northern Dallas?

I love good chile con queso - not too spicy, not too cheesy, not too thick or watered down, and no huge chunks of meat (if any).

What restaurant in Dallas (north side/north suburbs, preferably) has the best "classic" chile con queso (i.e. not the varieties with every ingredient in the kitchen)?

I really enjoy the chile con queso from Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy, but I'm curious to know what other restaurants top others' lists.

In particular, I'm searching for a restaurant with chile con queso that can finally beat Guadalajara's in Houston. After years of searching in Dallas and Austin, I still think they have the best.

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  1. If you are interested in a dip of sorts, the Bob Armstrong at Matt's rancho is interesting.

    If you want pure queso dip, the Sunset Sauce at Manny's/Mi Cocina is hard to beat, IMO.

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      I completely dug the Bob Armstrong dip when I lived in Austin 12 years ago. Now I'm in NY. Can you remind me roughly what's in it, as I was thinking of trying to make an approximation while watching a certain football game next weekend?

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        If I am not mistaken, the Bob Armstrong dip (aka Heart Attack in a Bowl) is the following:

        Chile con queso dip
        Picadillo (aka taco meat)
        Sour cream
        Salsa (tomato based)

        The times I have eaten it, it is served by the restaurant with all of the non-chile ingredients layered on top of the chile con queso. You then mix it up yourself and scoop with tortilla chips.

    2. I know it's a chain, but Don Pablos has really good white queso (no meat).


      1. The best one I've had recently is at Los Lupes, located at Josey and 190 ... Carrollton, technically.

        1. Try Agave Azul in Carrollton. They also have a version with Chorizo that isn't too spicy and sooo good.

          As a plus, they also have the best Margarita's in town. No contest.

          1. I eat queso just about anywhere I can get it and my top three, in order are, El Norte in Plano, Down Under in Frisco, and Doug and Brewski's in Plano. Only one of these places is a tex-mex joint but I swear the other two have kick-butt queso!

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              I tried some El Norte queso about a week ago. Superb. Perfect consistency, right amount of peppers, not too spicy, etc. Tied for first in my best queso ever rankings.

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                What's the other #1, tied with El Norte?

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                  i missed this conversation earlier, and wanted to second kirk's opinion of texadelphia. i can't imagine recommending it for anything

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                    My other #1 (not in the Dallas area, though) is Guadalajara's in Houston.

              2. The best queso that I have had are: Texadelphia (Houston and Austin), Maudies (Austin), El Tiempo (Houston) and Ninfas on Navigation (Houston). I think that these are all better than Guadalajara and Mi Cocina.

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                  What kind of food does Texadelphia serve? What's with the name?

                  1. re: smithclay

                    Philly CheeseSteak Texas Style!

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                      Bad food. Personally, I find no redeeming value in the place.

                  2. In my book, Uncle Julio's has great classic queso -- smooth yellow cheese with just the right amount of bite. It goes great with their crispy, warm chips and just-right spicy table salsa.

                    1. I certainly no authority on Mexican food, but the quesso that I enjoy most is at Snuffer's. Not a Tex-Mex place, but still, I think their quesso is very good. Has a good cheese flavor, with some onions, a tad of tomato and cilantro.

                      I assume it's the same at their North Dallas location as at the original. Seems like their N. Dallas place is just south of Belt Line on either Marsh or Midway (or one of those North/South streets in the general area).

                      1. I am shocked that no one mentioned Papasitos Mexican Cantina you can not be a Texan and not have their queso or their fajitas... the best hands down by far!!!!Oh and if you get the fajitas ask for the pineapple butter to pour over the meat, its not on the menu and I've had waiters tell me they have never heard of it but they have it, I'm telling you it's liquid gold.

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                          I don't wear no Stetson, but I'm willing to bet, son . . . that Papasitos Mexican Cantina is not worth your time or your money.

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                            Does "willing to bet" mean you've never eaten there before or are you just not sure about your statement? Papasitos has been voted "Best Mexican" in "D magazine" for like three years in a row.

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                              I agree that Papasito's is a great choice for Tex Mex, especially their queso, fajitas, ribs and shrimp dishes. After 21 years spent in Texas--much of it grazing my way through more Tex Mex restaurants than I wish to remember-- I'm here to tell ya, Jordan, that Papasito's has routinely and consistently been worth my time AND money.

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                                It was simply a reference to your claim that I must not be a Texan. (I didn't think my cheesy Terry Allen quote would need explaining). Yes, I have been to Pappasito's.

                                aaronswoman, I'm happy for the Pappas corporation. If you want to eat at a chain you could certainly do a lot worse. It's nice that they've been, like, voted "best mexican" in D magazine, but if I or anyone else were that interested in what they thought (and I am to some small extent) we could go buy their publication (or even look it up online). I thought that what this board existed for was something different - an honest opinion from food loving people simply looking for the best chow.

                                laurie - I'm sorry that after 21 years you never found more worthy places to spend your money. Come back to Texas (Dallas) and we can go to Cafe San Miguel, La Hechizera, Brother's, Cuquita's, Trece, Mia's . . . it may be a revelation.

                          2. Doesn't Monica's Aca y Alla have a really awesome white spicy queso?

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                              Monicas has great queso and excellent specials during the week, half price entrees, $.75 margaritas with entree purchase. They are very good too...

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                                Monica's isn't really a fair comparison though, since they use cheese for their queso. ; )


                                1. re: Scott

                                  At dinner tonight (Aparicio's in Plano) my daughter asked me what the word "queso" meant. I said, "It's Spanish for processed cheese food."