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Aug 17, 2006 01:49 AM

One night in C with DW and 17 daughter. help?

Onto the steel wheels college tour with DW and daughter. Daughter into music and DW never been to C (i lived there in late 70's). Would love to take them to some great music and some good food on our one night. Staying downtown and willing to cab around to Lincoln Park or wherever to experience.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Is a DW a dimwit or a divorced wife or ???

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    1. re: YoYoPedro

      It means 'darling' or 'dear' wife. Those acronyms ('DH' for darling husband, etc.) don't get used much on Chowhound that I've seen, which might be why you haven't run across them before.

      1. re: YoYoPedro

        "DW?" Your question to answering the acronymn is very funny! I, too, have never heard of "DW" except in the PBS cartoon "Arthur." By the way, what kind of animal is Arthur anyway?

        Regarding the food and music fix, I say try Green Dolphin Street on Webster.

      2. Kind of Music? Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical? That will help us locate a restaurant for you. Also, your eventual choice might depend on who's in town at that time (our Jazz fest, for instance, is coming up in a couple of weeks.)

        1. Kingston Mines in Lincoln Park, is a great Blues place...pretty legendary as well. Close to that, there's a great italian restaurant named Sapori Trattoria. For casual Mexican nearby, Mayan Palace (great Margaritas!)

          1. Fitzgerald's in Berwyn is a premier American roots-music roadhouse. North of it is Oak Park, the subject of many threads. West of it is Forest Park, home to top-drawer Italian places Jimmy's, a loud, casual bar, and La Piazza, a fun room with inventive Italian Italian food. (Yes, I meant to type that word twice.)

            Andy's on Hubbard is a renowned jazz club. Nearby is Shaw's Crab House. It has a deluxe side and a raw bar side.

            Chicago's World Music Festival is coming up. This is a rare chance to see excellent musicians at venues all over the city; chances are there's good eating nearby.

            Have fun.

            1. Be very careful about the Blues/Jazz Clubs because I know several places don't allow minors in (there is nothing more depressing than being turned away at the door after buying tickets). I would certainly call ahead and double check on the age limits.

              Oh, and if the University of Chicago is on your college tour, I'd stop by Medici Bakery on 57th and get a specialty milkshake - the Mexicana is my favorite, if you're a chocolate person.