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Aug 17, 2006 01:12 AM

lumiere, flora ... any suggestions for a b-day dinner?

i'm taking my best friend out for her big day, i haven't been to lumiere, and it's been years since i've been to flora. i'd rather not go into boston, any other suggestions??

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  1. Neptune's Oyster in the North End is well worth the trip if you are a sea food lover- and the oysters don't hurt!

    1. I would take Lumiere over Flora. I find Flora iffy and the menu pretty limited. You might also want to try Scutra in Arlington or Tryst in Arlington. Scutra has never disappointed us. Tryst, for the last few visits, has been very good as well.

      1. For a treat outside of Boston, Stellina in Watertown Square is excellent or Bistro 5 in Medford.

        1. If you are dining in Arlington go with Ristorante Olivio across from the Cinema. Call ahead if you want something special prepared and the owner will oblige even if not on the regular menu. I had a party for my wife's b-day 8 couples and he prepared my buddy and I stuffed calamari which was incredible. Very nice wine list as well. Good Luck!

          1. would HIGHLY recommend Lumiere! they also have a tasting menue sunday through thursday evenings...much like restaurant week.
            Even the bread and butter are amazing, and i think that speaks well for any place.