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Famous 4th street Deli-Philly

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I have not been there for years, how is breakfast there now?, I"m more interested in quality than portion size.

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  1. I went there once and the portions are HUGE, ridiculously large actually, but I didn't think the food was very good at all. I won't be going back......

    1. Depends what you're going for really- as they have so many choices. I like it better for lunch because I love the deli sandwiches & chocolate chip cookies. If you're just going to get an omelette for breakfast, unless you want the deli omelette, no need to go there, can go anywhere else that serves a good omelette.

      1. Their herring with sour cream and onions is indescribably delicious, In fact it is the best I ever had the pleasure to enjoy. The chopped liver is among the very best, if not the best I have eaten. Half-sours are not bad. But serving saltine crackers with the herring is not forgivable. Why not a decent slice of seeded rye? I will return on every trip to Philadelphia.

        1. For breakfast, try their consistently good variety of smoked fishes.

          1. It's pretty good, though once in a while I'll get an egg that's not exactly over easy. Their potato pancakes are great, so is the bacon. The portions are still huge, but I usually order eggs and toast, which is a more reasonable size. I have them keep one of the toast slices off the plate, they just go to waste otherwise.

            If you've never been to the Pink Rose, across the street, they do a very good breakfast as well, though I haven't been in a while. The menu is not as varied as Famous.

            1. When famous 4th's is too packed, we go over to Pink Rose (across Bainbridge). They are more of a bakery that does breakfast. Small place with a good, simple menu. Their cornbread muffins (served with breakfast) are about the best I have ever had.

              1. Relatedly, the new deli in the Reading Market - I think it's called Herschel's(?) has just opened for business. I had a nice hot corned beef sandwich there for lunch today. They have a good-looking selection of smoked fish from Acme Fish (in Brooklyn), bagels, pastrami, etc. The owner was giving out free samples of fresh-baked spinach knishes when I left. Seems promising.

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                  Does Herschel's sell their meat by the pound, or just in sandwiches?

                2. still good, still huge, still stick with the typical deli things. when they get too creative, they can miss the target....their pickles are still delicious...:)

                  1. Famous 4th is a gem in a city of culinary extraordinaire. Let me first say that it is not a kosher restaurant. That is even more rare in Philadelphia. However, it makes the best of an imperfect situation with fork lift required portion sizes and a Jewish menu that even Bubbie would have little to say about.

                    The service is as good as the food. So be sure to ask for one of Vanessa's tables. While it's not Manhattan's upper westside, not that it needs to be given it's not NYC, for a Jewish deli in Philadelphia, life truly not get any better than this.

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                      I beg to differ on service, it ha never been good and under new ownership it still isn't very good. However the whitefish salad is good. It has actual pieces of whitefish which makes it delicious. I really enjoyed that as well as my well done fries. The place is an institution so if you haven't been in a while it is your civic duty to go.