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Can you recommend a caterer for a dinner party in San Francisco?

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I'm looking for someone to cater a dinner party in San Francisco for six to eight people.

Has anyone had a good experience with a caterer who does small events like this?

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  1. I recommend Debbie Does Dinner. I attended a party they catered and the food was inventive, copious, attractive and tasty - and they are nice people too.

    HEre is their website


    1. If you like Russian/Eastern European food, try New World Market on the south side of Geary near 20th. Their food is excellent. they are catering the wedding of a friend of mine.

      1. Check out namieskitchen.com. They did my wedding- the food is amazing and very reasonable for the quality.

        1. If you want a sit-down type dinner with everything already plated individually, I would check out craigslist or local websites for personal chefs, etc.- a lot of culinary grads make money on the side by marketing themselves for this sort of thing, and they tend to be quite talented.
          If you're looking for platters of food, I'd go with Oakville Grocery on the Wharf- they're similar to a Whole Foods but all of their cuisine is based on napa delicacies.