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Aug 17, 2006 12:07 AM

Great Food/Wine/Room for Honeymoon

I know the question is broad but...Any recommendation for a honeymoon getaway with great food and accommodation. If you know of any unique idea that would be great.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Arowhon Pines. Open seasonally. corkage fees last time I was there....a few years ago. Food is out of this world....crazy good.


    Happy Honeymooning!!

    1. Just a reminder that Chowhound is focused on food, and a request that your replies focus on food, as well. Accommodations are off topic for these boards, so replies that focus on them instead of the food and drink will be removed.

      1. A great place to go would be Inn on the Twenty in Jordan(very close to Niagara on the Lake). They are partnered with Cave Springs wine and Inn on the Twenty restaurant. It is a quaint little area with the winery and restaurant next to the hotel. Lots to do, including wine tours, great local cheese shops and some new restaurants have opened up in the area recently that are getting good reviews (check out this month's edition on Toronto Life). Another option would be to head to Muskoka and stay at Taboo. They have a good restaurant and a decent wine list. Hope this helps!

        1. Check into the Four Seasons and order room service.

          1. The Domain of Killien has a good reputation. It's website notes
            "We create a different five-course menu every night, offering classics of French cuisine as well as lighter fare infused with seasonal and regional flavours.

            We only use the freshest ingredients, along with organically grown herbs from our own gardens. Duck and salmon are smoked on-site. To complement your meal an imaginative wine list offers you a great choice of savoury “vins de pays” and fine vintages from Bordeaux and Burgundy.'

            See their website at