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Aug 16, 2006 11:59 PM

Best Steaks

Where and what cut? Lately, I've been ordering alot of hanger steak, and they all seem to have an intense, beefy flavor. I've had a GREAT one at Sovalo, a very good one at Marsha Brown's in New Hope, and a good one at Alison's at Blue Bell.

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  1. dry aged ribeye is my favorite- great at Barclay Prime & Capital Grille

    1. I love the ribeye at Bridget's a 8 West. They used to serve it topped with a merlot butter. It was so yummy. They recently switched the preparation on the menu, and I'm sure it's still good, but that merlot butter on the ribeye was just so perfect.....

      1. I had a wonderful hanger steak for lunch at Le Bec Fin a few weeks ago. It was a special, so, before you go, call to make sure that it's still being offered.

        1. Matyson does a scrumptious steak frites. It's a hanger steak and the frites are seasoned with parmesan and truffle oil and are too good. I know hanger steak is not the upper-crustiest cut, but taste-wise it's becoming my favorite. Cooked right it's about as satisfying as steak can be.