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Aug 16, 2006 11:57 PM

Great Sangria

I want to Ibiza and got hooked on great sangria in the summer. I've tried pitchers at a bunch of places (most recently Suba) in the city and have had nothing but dissapointment.

Can anyone recommend a place (East side, below 42nd St) that serves great sangria. And I'm going to push my luck and ask if anyone know where I can get champagne sangria.


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  1. i've had amazing sangria at pure food and wine. the white sangria is so delicious! it's a raw food restaurant, but i've been there just to drink.

    1. five points; schiller's liquor bar

      1. the food is really mediocore, but the tapas bar on the corner of clinton and stanton (forget the name) has amazing sangria.

        1. El Faro makes truly excellent sangria.

          1. i like the sangria at tia pol.