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Aug 16, 2006 11:56 PM

One of the best Italian dishes.

If you like Italian food, you must try the Spicy Shrimp Trio at
La Fontana in Glendale. It's one of the most amazing tastes I have every experienced her in LA. My server told me that when the chef makes this, everyone has to leave the kitchen until it is finished. I can't tell you how off-the-hook it is.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of La Fontana. I had some great Linguini with Clams there once. Really good!

    1. Their Lamb shanks are tremendous, too!

      1. I'm in Glendale and have never been there... location? I really want to try all 3 dishes mentioned so far!

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        1. re: shabushabulova

          It's on Brand a block or two north of the 134.

        2. La Fontana... I've been going to Far Niente and I'm always underwhelmed but continue to go because I never knew of another decent italian place in Glendale.

          My litmus test for a good italian place is their red sauce, a braised dish and their risotto. HOw would La Fontana rate on these 3 merits?

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            For Italian in Glendale, I would normally suggest Frescos on Brand, but they have a new owner. Frescos chef use to be the owner, so now with a new chef/owner, I'm not sure how good the food is anymore. A friend swears that the new decorations and food are much better... but I'm sceptical. I'm sure I'll be trying it some day.

            1. re: shabushabulova

              Is La Fontana is a great eat in Glendale? I heard there was new management and its not so great anymore.
              Looking for a place with great Seafood Linguini....