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Aug 16, 2006 11:16 PM

40th birthday dinner in SA

I am looking for a good place to celebrate my sister-in-law's 40th birthday. We are staying at the Watermark with two of her girlfriends and doing the girls day at the spa. I wanted a place that would have a tasting menu or wine pairing dinner. I was looking at Le Reve but wanted to know of any other places that might be good. One of the group is a picky eater and so we'd need somewhere she could get something that wasn't red meat, fish, or have mushrooms, (she doesn't know what she's missing).


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  1. La Reve is excellent, probably the best in San Antonio, but has a limited menu, so you might try Biga -- on the River Walk, close enough that you could walk to it. I think the food there is spectacular, however you might have to sacrifice the wine pairings ...

    1. I second Biga. Great food and atmosphere. Also the restaurant at the Watermark, Pesca has a nice wine list, not sure on a tasting/pairing dinner. They are a seafood place though. Perhaps you could call ahead and see if they could accomodate your picky eater. There is a nice wine bar nearby, not on the River Walk, called Zinc that also serves food, but I think it is mostly small plates. Great place for an after dinner drink.

      1. don't know when you plan to eat, but LeReve isprobably closed for vacation or booked to the rafters (They book up weeks in advance) Biga is a great choice, but your might also consider Azuca, a Latin bistro-type restaurant on S. Alamo. Delicious food and off-the-planet desserts by chef Rene Fernandez. You can get the downtown trolley at your hotel. Also in that same area ( across the street from Azuca) is the new bistro by chef Damien Vatel of Bistro Vatel fame. Good, solid French bistro fare in a space smaller than a breadbox. Have a great trip to SA and enjoy your day at the spa. I'm sure you will all look gorgeous!