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Aug 16, 2006 11:14 PM

Sopes(not soup) at the 8th ave and 14th street taco truck

The taco truck on 14th and 8th avenue has an item that I had once. I swear I ordered a sopa, but I figure that means soup. I may have been misheard. What I got was something thicker than a tortilla- laid flat, with toppings. I had steak. Any clue? I want to order it again.

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    1. re: seal

      Ten thousand thank yous. It did look like this:

      Unlike what wiki says about it, it wasn't deep fried- it was grilled, and it wasn't donut shaped:

      I highly recommend it- that is, if you can find the taco truck. There has been a belligerent redsauce whitesauce gyro guy that has been chasing him away- claiming the spot as his own- obviously jealous of the contrast in customers. At one point the guy wheeled his cart in front of the taco truck's serving window blocking customers- and I had to get my goodies from the driver's side window.

      1. re: araess

        what you had was likely a sope. made of corn, with slightly raised edges, it's basically a tortilla derivative..

        a sopapilla is a deep fried dessert item, often served with honey, or savory filling.

        1. re: jesse

          okay okay bingo..

          thanks- now if you are going to order anything that's not on the menu here, ask the head guy- wait for him if you have to. The other guys have told me they haven't had a particular thing.. and then asked the main man and it turns out they did.

    2. if it is a sopes it is still fried though it is not oily at all. usually they have a base of refried beans, then meat and are topped with cheese, greenery and tomatoes. Better than a taco could dram of being

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. thanks for the tip! sopes are great--the best i've had are at el paso, on lex and 104th. i'm excited to have other sopes options

          1. I know this is the wrong board, but the BEST sopes I have ever ever had, including many in Mexico, are in Matamoros Puebla in Williamsburg. I am partial to the ones with salsa verde. The red is spicy and good, but the verde! Sopes are usually done with fresh tortillas,which obviously makes the difference. Really, take the L train now and sit in the back of that store and order as many sopes as you can eat. YUMI!