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Aug 16, 2006 11:03 PM

Review of three restaurants in Munich

One of the greatest wursts I've ever tasted was at Pschor, a fairly new restaurant in Munich. The weisswurst had a texture like clouds and the herb-taste was subtle, but definite.

The best dinner I have ever eaten in Germany was at Schuhbeck's. Began with an amuse buche of a dollop of smoked tuna mousse and a tiny, vegetable-studded crepe. The best course was salmon 3 ways: poached, still warm on juliened veggies; lightly smoked with sweet mustard; and a terrine slice with champagne jelly between layers of salmon and horseraddish mousse. It was served with 1/2 quail egg. Outstanding! The cheese course was so-so, not worthy of the rest of the meal. A surpise treat was the quality of the wine that was suggested to us--a Malterer 2001, which was a blend of oaked pinot grigio and a unique German wine (whose name I forgot). It was more than worthy.

Second place goes to Tantris. The sommolier there--Paula Boshe--is truly excellent. The servings were a bit too large, so I advise ordering one dish at a time or splitting them. Their raviolis are outstanding, with a texture of silk. Soups are also a cut above. I had a creamy, frothed soup with flecks of mushroom and fresh artichoke. There is no no-smoking zone, so non-smokers can be uncomfortable.

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  1. Re Pschor -- should that be Pschorr, as in Hacker-Pschorr? If so, where in Munich is this place as when I google, several establishments come up?

    1. You are exactly right! I misspelled it. The restaurant is Der Pschorr. You can see a picture of it and a little map at the following website: