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Aug 16, 2006 10:59 PM

maki yaki

Just received something in the mail about a Japanese Grill opening near me in Dana Point. It looks like it is a local chain but I have never heard of it. Their mailing is the typical menu and pictures and looks convenient and interesting. Has anyone tried them?

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  1. I find Maki Yaki to be nothing special. It's kind of pricey for what you get at a chain fast food type sushi place. Their hot food is average. You could do better but you could also do worse.

    1. urk, it's the japanese/suhi equivalent of panda express. entirely skippable i think unless there's really nothing else around.

      1. I've ordered from there a couple of times. I think their grilled meats are actually quite good, but overall it's no world-beater. Skip their potstickers (which will arrive soggy), and definitely don't get the sushi. They have free delivery, but a $25 minimum order, and you can't order the grilled meats a la carte; they're only available with a ton of mediocre carb. sides, so you wind up paying quite a bit for your teriyaki.

        But if you have the $$ and are jonesing for teriyaki chicken or beef (and are willing to eat or throw out a whole lot of rice & salad), the meat you get will be tasty.

        1. It's not haute sushi, but it's fine for strictly casual sushi plates, combo plates and the more typical California-ised rolls.

          1. Eek! I'd much rather go to Sansai for my chain, fast-food, Californified Japanese food. (Then again, I only went to MY once, but that was enough to convince me to not go again.)