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Aug 16, 2006 10:49 PM

Inn with Good Food for Honeymoon-Rec

Does anyone now about a great country Inn with great food/wine/rooms for my honeymoon late September?. We will be taking the train from Toronto.
I like Inn's but not the kind with too many doilies! Looking for great food and accommodation in unique Quebec setting.
Thanks in advance...

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  1. Just a reminder that Chowhound is focused on food, and a request that your replies focus on food, as well. Accommodations are off topic for these boards, so replies that focus on them instead of the food and drink will be removed.

    1. Great food in a great atmosphere are to be found at Auberge Ripplecove in North Hatley about 1h30 to 1h45 south east of Montreal.

      1. North Hatley, as nice as it is, isn't accessible by public transportation. You can, however, get to West Brome, Sutton and Knowlton (Lac Brome) by bus. With the leaves usually turning colours around then, the Eastern Townships are a great place to be!

        The annual Brome Lake Duck Festival, with chef demonstrations and tastings of duck delicacies is on Sept 23-24 and Sep 30-Oct 1, so imagine that Knowlton would be the most "happening" of the three.

        I've never stayed there, but I imagine that the Lakeview Inn would be nice enough. I see that they even have a "Lover's Getaway" package! Don't know about their food, either, but they boast about their dining room on their "Gastronomy" page. Also, there's a number of other places in town and some of them are bound to be decent.

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          Just because they're taking the train doesn't mean they can't rent a car. ;-)

          Also, I went to duck fest last year and was disappointed by what looked like a gimmick to attract tourists to the area. Not much to do or see.

        2. Since Auberge Hatley tragically burned down, L'Eau A La Bouche has to be the vanguard for the Quebec Inn/Restaurant. Although I have never been, it carries a boatload of recommendations, is one of only four restaurants in Canada with a relais gourmand distinction, and is also really pricey. Definetely worth a look.

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          1. re: Adrian3891

            Thanks much for the recommendation, you really think it is one of the best next to Hatley?