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Aug 16, 2006 10:41 PM

Guests from Chicago

I have two girl friends (27 and 31) coming into town from Chicago.

Problem is, I just moved here 7 weeks ago and haven't had the chance to discover all of the great dining options.

I'm living in the UES, but am willing to travel anywhere in Manhattan for affordable good eats.

Any meal, any ethnicity...your MUST tries for travelers on a budget. Breakfast is probably the least important, but brunch suggestions would be cool.

We don't need super trendy (picture: artsy, tattooed, Peace Corps types).


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  1. Obviously the cheapest would be to go Chinese or Vietnamese, such as Green Bo or Vitenam rest in Chinatown. Search this board, there'll be innumerable discussions.

    For options with a little more atmosphere:
    I recommend brunch at Caracas Arepas Bar. They have a platter with scrambled eggs, salad, plantains and arepa that I love! My second suggestion for brunch would be Cafe Orlin, especifically the millet pancakes with beet salad and homemade chicken sausage.
    Depending how you define budget, Florent is a good place to take tourists. The best veggie burger in town, IMO- and really cool place, in spite of being in the middle of the circus of the meatpacking district.
    For light lunches in a very NY environment you can go to Gitane or Bread in Nolita.

    1. Yeah, Caracas Arepas Bar is a really good place, and they have lunch specials like a salad, an arepa, and a fresh juice (I had very good passion fruit juice the last time I was there) for $13.

      For more typical American fare plus Polish food, Teresa's around the corner on 1st Av. between 6th and 7th is a good inexpensive place for brunch.

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