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Help Quick! Somewhere to eat before Concert at the Troubador w/ 4 15 year old Girls Tonight?

Sorry - just found out I'm driving & no time to do research - help me please! TIA!!

Cheap, Hip & Quick...

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  1. Newsroom Cafe is the perfect place. It's not far away on Robertson, and the menu is large and teen-friendly.

    1. Bossa Nova, Brazilian on Robertson Blvd., right around the corner from the club, off Santa Monica Blvd.

      1. Beverly Hills Diner (474 N. Beverly Dr., (310) 271-2227) is a former Johnny Rockets with better food. Good burgers, turkey burgers, sandwiches, etc., and it's about a mile to the west of the Troubador.

        La Buca (5210 1/2 Melrose Ave., (323) 462-1900, http://www.osterialabuca.com/olb.html ) and Angeli Caffé (7274 Melrose Ave., 213-936-9086, http://www.angelicaffe.com/menu.html ) are both decent neighborhood Italian places that are within a reasonable distance to your venue. Neither will change your life, but they're good choices. Angeli is closer to the Troubador.

        The Pig (612 N. La Brea Ave., (323) 935-1116) and Zeke's (7100 Santa Monica Blvd., (323) 850-9353) are also both reasonably close, and both have okay bbq. Zeke's is a touch closer and has more seating, so it might be a better fit.

        Pinks is in the neighborhood too, if you're in the mood to brave the lines.

        1. I often recommend Zeke's, even though it's not the most amazing bbq, because the parking underneath Target is free and plentiful, unlike most places in the area. Also, they have beer and wine for the 'rents and a fairly wide menu.

          1. If they eat Indian, Flavor of India is right next door. I found the food fine and the convenience unbeatable. Have the girls been to the Troubadour before? Was trying to decide today whether to take my 11 year old daughter to see a band she likes in September -- isn't it crowded and hard to negotiate for the girls? I suppose 14 isnt 11.)

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              I took my 14 year old to the Troub to see the Detroit Cobras and he had a blast.

              The Troub is fine for kids ... we actually arrived early and snagged seat upstairs. Usually I stand downstairs or sit at the bar, but it was a school night and he wanted to sit.

              BTW - The OP should know that that Troub has food. I've never eaten there, but some people do. They have food and seats in the area behind the bar where you can sit and eat dinner.

              (I'm also curious to know which band in September is a fave of an 11 year old. I have their calendar bookmarked and can't figure our what it is.)

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                sandwiches at the troubadour are halfway decent, all things considered. they also have seasoned french fries that aren't half bad. but i 2nd the vote for flavor of india. that's a great place.

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                  Starsailor. She got into the song "Silence is Easy" and now the other songs/albums.

                  (And thanks for the advice -- seast upstairs a good idea.)

              2. How about Carney's off Sunset

                1. This will be of little help to anyone, but I was in the Troubadour last night and hungry, and the food there smelled pretty good. It was basic burgers/fries/hot dogs/turkey sandwich-type stuff, as far as I could tell.

                  I decided to try to go to Apple Pan after the show but got there too late and they were just closing. :-(

                  1. Hee, the 88 and Gram Rabbit, I'm 32 y.o. and apparently have the same musical interests of a 15 y.o., LOL.

                    I know it's too late to contribute but isnt there a Frankie & Johnnie's nearby on Santa Monica Blvd near Rodeo?
                    Its not the best pizza but it's definetly decent and edible.

                    1. Thank you all - we actually ended up at Urth Caffe, as my daughter had spied Nicki Hilton there once, but alas, no star-sightings last night. It was a beautiful evening, the panini & pecan spinach salad were decent & the girls loved their bobas, so all were happy. We walked from there, which was a bit boring, but not too bad of a walk.

                      I had no clue about either group, but was a very good concert (minus the dancing bunnies ;-) & was surprised I knew some of the 88's songs - definite range of ages! For younger ones, I agree - snag seats in the balcony - 1st row would be best, or in back row you can stand & dance the whole time & still have a great view of the stage. You can grab food from the bar & bring it up. Good to know the food is decent. We needed to kill time, the doors didn't open til 8 & you can only walk up & down Santa Monica Blvd. so many times w/ 15 years olds... Forgot what a fun place the Troubadour was - it's been awhile...