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Aug 16, 2006 10:17 PM

Seattle - trying to recall a restaurant in or near Inn at the Market

A couple of summers ago we had dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Seattle. It was near the Pike Place Market and in or right by the Inn at the Market. We are going back to Seattle and staying at the Inn at the Market and would like to have dinner at the same restaurant. It was truly a fantastic meal - great food and great wines. Both the lamb and salmon were fabulous. Sort of a California/French style. I can't recall the name of it!

We would also appreciate other restaurant recommendations. Downtown is preferable because we have a baby in tow, but further afield is fine too. We have two nights. A local Seattle family member is recommending Chinooks seafood for lunch one day.

Thank you!

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  1. That would be Campagne (unless -- less likely -- it was Chez Shea)

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      Yes, that was it! Campagne. I hope it's still that good.

    2. You might also consider Cafe Campagne, which is below Campagne, and less expensive, but also very good. LOTS of places in/near the Market, too -- Maximilien, Matt's, Virginia Inn, Pike Place Chowder, Market Grill (inside the Market, wonderful blackened halibut/salmon, and if you go there just one time the proprietor will remember you next time). . . You can get great seafood meals without going to Chinook's, IMO.

      1. Chez Shea for their dungeness crab tart and sablefish

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          and do not miss the rhubarb flower dessert at Chez Shea.