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Aug 16, 2006 10:03 PM

New St. Paul spot: Il Vescovino

That's the name of the place that will be taking over the Vintage on Selby Avenue, come Sept. 28. I got some lowdown about the new place and am excited for it to open. Here's what I know:

Il Vescovino will be owned by Frank Marchionda, owner of Buon Giorno and Osteria I Nonni, along with a business partner; the current manager of I Nonni is coming over to get the new operation going. Their plan is to specialize in southern Italian food and wine, with an emphasis on Naples/Campania. The restaurant will have four parts: a taverna on the first floor, a dining room on the second floor, a special-events room on the third floor, and -- the thing I'm excited about -- a self-sufficient kitchen, complete with wood-burning pizza oven, on the patio (which will open next spring). The overall feel is supposed to be casual, vs. the fine-dining approach of I Nonni.

That said, the wine list will be massive, and they'll pour quartinos (small decanters that hold about a glass and a half. I think Babbo in NYC was the first place to do this). Marchionda & Co. are applying to take over the liquor license from the Vintage; my fingers are crossed that they don't hit any snags. I need Il Vescovino to be up and running for my early October birthday.

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  1. Great scoop! So thats at 579 Selby in St. Paul? Just off of Dale? Across from the Louisana Cafe? Why can't I picture this place.


    1. MC - thanks for the info....waiting for it to change hands and can't wait too go....

      TDQ - its a few doors down from Zander on the north side of selby - west of zander....old big brick place....

      1. It's on the same side of the street (north) as the New Louisiana, just east of Dale. The building is a stately old mansion. Here's a link to a pic:

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        1. re: mcgeary

          Yep, that's a stately mansion! I must have dismissed it as an out-of-place home. Plus, for whatever reason, I imagined it to be on the other side of the street. Seems like a neat venue for a restaurant!


        2. According to today's Star Tribune ( ) they'll be opening on Monday.