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Aug 16, 2006 09:52 PM

Everybody hates it, but I love it?

Given the amazing response to the "Rave reviews, but I don't get it?" thread, I think there may be room for the inverse. How about it, 'hounds? What are the places that your fellow chowhounds (or reviewers in the media or other forums) hate, but you secretly love (or at least don't dislike)? And *why* do you love the place? Does it bring back memories? Is it the atmosphere?

If it's the food you love, this thread might be your chance to set your fellow hounds straight on what the *right* things to order are at the places that get bad reviews - the "secret" dishes that they get sublimely right in an otherwise barren menu wasteland.

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  1. Sweetwater Tavern...not that there is universal hatred for it, but I love the place for what it is. Service is typically excellent, the meats are always cooked exactly to my specifications, and in general the stuff just tastes good. The one time we had a very minor issue due to an inexperienced server and miscommunication with the issue we didn't even raise...the manager came by and more than made amends for the situation, which we didn't even have a real problem with.

    And the crab fritter appetizer? One of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Seriously.

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      1. I've come across some disdain for Zed's Ethiopian Restaurant on the board, but it's been a favorite of mine for many years. Maybe I always get the good, spicy stuff, because they're familiar with me...or perhaps the folks who don't like Zed's are fans of Meskerem (which I don't like very much). Who knows?

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          Personally, I don't dislike either Zed's or Meskerem, I just think there are better ethiopian options in DC.

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            Zed's rocks, and here's why: The Tibbs Watt is balanced in its spicyness and is always tender, never too dry.

            We moved to Logan Circle and have tried the places everyone raves about on U St., but the berbere (sp?) sauce isn't as complex, and the beef can often arrive overcooked.

            1. re: Don Cornelius

              I haven't been to Zed's in a while (as with Lauriol Plaza, I went to the former location!), but I always thought the cottagey cheese atop its kitfo made the dish a cut above.

          2. Ruan Thai gets all the raves, but one block west is Dusit Thai. If Ruan didn't exist, I think people would appreciate Dusit more. I just love their seafood talay.

            1. Coyote Amigo (former Taco Amigo) in McLean
              those little "fast food" China King type places

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                Some of the BEST fried chicken wings are at the little Chinese dives. Big, meaty, simple flour dusting with salt and pepper, and deep fried in that sludge they do the eggrolls and wontons in. The chinese food is usually pretty mundane, but the chicken wings can be outstanding.