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Aug 16, 2006 09:36 PM

Made to do you think

Made to Order, shown on the Fine Living Network basically everyday, showcases Rain, the Rubino brothers trendy restaurant in Toronto. I find the premise of the show really intriguing, however, I can't help but think how staged it is since one of the brothers is the producer and most of the episodes are set up (the cameras just happen to be there when a customer comes in and asks them to do a special menu for an event). Despite that, I do enjoy the show and the incredible amount of detail that goes into every dish and the spectacular amount of detail. Tell me what you all think of the show...

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  1. I meant, Made to Order...what do you think. Sorry for the typo, I was in a hurry.

    1. No big deal, but you should know that as the original poster you can usually go back and edit the headline for much longer than the 15 minutes advertised.

      1. Made to Order has been around on the Canadian Food Network for several years. It is interesting to see how Rubino builds the dishes. I think that the producer brother creates sometimes interesting sometimes way OTT cocktails, as does his brother with the food. That said, the restaurant, Rain, is highly thought of by many, but it is very expensive and for me the food looks better than it tastes, although I only ate there once.

        1. i sort of participated in a made to order taping but all that really happened was me acting as background people for the "filled up" restaurant.

          the food was incredibly tasty and there is a lot of detail put into texture, plating, flavour... it's expensive but the price i paid was well worth it.

          i like how most of the show revolves around learning about a specific ingredient. which you couldn't do with such ridiculous staging tactics. i like how they go through every single movements and plating and cooking method to show you how it's done. i find it fascinating yet somewhat zen like. my mom personally dislikes it because she doesn't want her food to be so manicured or touched all that much.

          their cocktails at the bar though, lovely lovely lovely.... they're big on muddling and they turn out really beautiful.

          1. However they make the doesnt matter to me. I recently started watching the show, and as a foodie..would oh so love to try there tasting menu. Wish I was one of their guests for unique creative cuisine..Dreaming...


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              I wonder what the selection process involves. Maybe you could work on creative angle and get accepted. I've only watched one episode and I am so intrigued.