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Aug 16, 2006 09:03 PM

Old Orchard Beach Breakfast?

We will be in Old Orchard Beach for a few days. Perusing the board, I have a lot of ideas for lunch and dinner (although none are actually in Old Orchard Beach). Does anyone know any decent places for breakfast? Any places to defnintely avoid? Thanks

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  1. We stopped at the Maine Diner in Wells (which is close to Old Orchard Beach, I think). Great pancakes, good biscuits, good hash (red flannel was a special that day), very substantial.

    1. There used to be a good breakfast place in Ocean Park, across from the park towards the beach, but the last time I was there it looked like it had changed hands, so I'm not sure it's still the same.

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        I think the place in Ocean Park you had in mind is now Yellowfin's--it's upscale and serves dinner only. I ate there once; it's good but not amazing, and I have to say I miss the breakfasts that used to be available.

        The Soda Fountain in Ocean Park (in the very center of town, such as it is!) serves good breakfasts--but you don't need to leave OOB. Instead, check out Mary Anne's on Cascade Road.
        Excellent pancakes, and it's full of locals and year-rounders.

      2. my son and i went to a place called, the "grand beach cafe", they had a write up in the paper a few months ago and we finally got around to going. Loved it! my son had a banana split waffle, (it was huge! and only like $5.00) i tried one of thier gourmet omelets, can't remember the name of it but it had spinach roasted red peppers, garlic, avacado and a bunch of other things in it. Big portions but good price. The owners were friendly, we chatted with them for a bit and they said they have only been open about a year and that this time of year was not very busy, but it will be when the tourists come. my son and i will be going back very soon!

        1. This is a real inexpensive family place, but I'd recommend RosaLinda's (near Hannaford)on Rt1. Great for breakfast. Lunch and even decent dinner diner food. It's just out from the beach in Saco.

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            It's great if you like microwaved scrambled eggs.

          2. The Golden Rooster right on Main St in Saco is yummy!!!!!! It's very inexpensive; a little hole in the wall, but worth checking out!