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Aug 16, 2006 08:38 PM

Richmond, BC: Shanghai River?

We have 13 people and, after reading here and there, I decided on Shanghai River for dinner Monday. The other recommendation was Victoria Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver but a few of our party are more noodle oriented so I was thinking that Shanghai River was more appropriate. Thoughts? Good Service? Clean but not too fancy schmancy?


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  1. They have several tables that will fit your group (I had a group of 12 last January and we could have fitted in another 1 or 2). Their xiao long bao are excellant. Won tons and potstickers are very good. I've had dinner there once but there was only two of us. Not enough to try many things. I do know that they make their own noodles. You can watch them prepare noodles, XLB, etc from the dinning room. My husband and I tried the braised pork hock which I would love to have again but with more people. It was tender and extremely tasty but way too rich for two people!

    Enjoy and let us know how what you have.