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Aug 16, 2006 08:17 PM

Ethiopian Restaurant Suggestions - Atlanta

So I have just managed to stumble across ethiopian cuisine thanks to the prodding of a friend in NYC and I am hooked. I have one little place down the street from me (Meskerem on Clairmont Rd. to be precise) and I am wondering if anyone else has a recommendation to make so I can start figuring out which restaurant to give the official good word for.

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  1. The Cottage on Piedmont and N. Morningside is good and has friendly staff - I've been there a couple times and always get the sambusas and miser wat.

    1. An Ethiopian acquaintance of mine speaks very highly of Queen Sheba. I have eaten there once and it is much better than the other Ethiopian restaurants that I have tried. That's not to say that I have much experience, but I can confidently recommend Queen Sheba.

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        Sweet! That's right over by me anyway. I'll give it a look.

      2. I've been to The Cottage twice, and enjoyed my experience both times. The miser wot is fantastic and the owner and staff are incredibly friendly. Plus, there's something really surreal about eating Ethiopian in a former Burger King.

        I haven't been to Queen Sheba yet, but two different Ethiopians in Atlanta have told me it is the best in I'm planning to check it out sometime soon.